The Millennium Project
Futures Research Methodology --V2.0
Editors Jerome C. Glenn and Theodore J. Gordon

Comprehensive and internationally peer-reviewed handbook on tools and
methods for forecasting and analysis of global change. Each chapter in
this series gives an executive overview of each method's history,
description, primary and alternative usages, strengths and weaknesses,
use in combination with other methods, and speculation about future usage.
Some also contain appendixes with applications and sources for further information.
Over half of the 25 methods and series of methods presented were written by
the inventor of the method or by a significant contributor to its evolution.

ISBN: 0-9722051-1-X; about 700 pages, available on CD.
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All chapters are presnted in an MsWord (.doc) version and a PDF version.

Table of Contents

1.   Introduction to the Futures Research Methods Series, Jerome C. Glenn

2.   Environmental Scanning, Theodore J. Gordon and Jerome C. Glenn

3.   The Delphi Method, Theodore J. Gordon

4.   The Futures Wheel, Jerome C. Glenn

5.   Trend Impact Analysis, Theodore J. Gordon

6.   Cross-Impact Analysis, Theodore J. Gordon

7.   Structural Analysis, Jacques Arcade, Michel Godet, Francis Meunier, Fabrice Roubelat

8.   The Systems Perspectives, Allenna Leonard with Stafford Beer

9.   Decision Modeling, The Futures Group International

10. Statistical Modeling, The Futures Group International

11. Technology Sequence Analysis, Theodore J. Gordon

12. Relevance Trees and Morphological Analysis, The Futures Group International

13. Scenarios, Jerome C. Glenn and The Futures Group International

13.5 Interactive Scenarios, Theodore J. Gordon

14. Participatory Methods, Jerome C. Glenn

15. Simulation and Games, Erwin Rausch with additions from Frank Catanzaro

16. Genius Forecasting, Vision, and Intuition, Jerome C. Glenn

17. Normative Forecasting, Joe Coates and Jerome C. Glenn

18. S&T Road Mapping, Theodore J. Gordon

19. Field Anomaly Relaxation (FAR), R. Geoffrey Coyle

20. Text Mining for Technology Foresight, Alan L. Porter

21. Agent Modeling (demo software), Theodore J. Gordon

22. State of the Future Index (SOFI) Method, Theodore J. Gordon

23. SOFI System, Peter Yim

24. The Multiple Perspective Concept, Harold A. Linstone

25. A Toolbox for Scenario Planning, Michel Godet

26. Causal Layered Analysis, Sohail Inayatullah

27 Integration, Comparisons, and Frontiers of Futures Research Methods, Theodore J. Gordon and Jerome C. Glenn


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