Future Global Ethical Issues

In the period from August 2004 to July 2005, the Millennium Project conducted a study of emerging global ethical issues and principles by which such issues might be resolved in the future. The scope was global and the time horizon stretched to 2050. More specifically, the purposes of this study were to:

  • Identify important, novel ethical issues of global scale that might come on the scene within the next 50 years
  • Assess the relative importance of these issues and the likelihood of their resolution
  • Articulate the key principles that might be used in the solution of such ethical issues.

For all of these, we hoped to identify the similarities and differences in perceptions among the subgroups participating in the study, for example, people from various regions and men and women.

Please click here to get the final report (as MsWord file).

The questionnaires are available at http://www.millennium-project.org/millennium/study05.html