Hungary Node

The Hungary Node has been established in December 2013. The Node is hosted by Corvinus University with Erzsebet Novaky, Chair and Mihaly Simai Co-chair.

Some of the planned activities and researches include:

• Results of empirical future-orientation examinations as indicator of human relations to the future

• Future life in the longevity society

• FCompute the State of the Future INdex for Hungary

Founding members:

Mihály Simai, Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Professor Emeritus, Corvinus University of Budapest
Erzsébet Nováky, Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest
Klára Szita Tóth, Professor, University of Miskolc
Endre Kiss, Professor, Loránd Eötvös University of Sciences, Budapest
Éva Hideg, Associate Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest
Attila Korompai, Associate Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest
István Kappéter, Head Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nursing Home of County Pest, Tápiógyörgye
Tamás Kristóf, Senior Lecturer, Corvinus University of Budapest

Seat: Corvinus University of Budapest
Fővám tér 8., 1093 Budapest

Chair: Erzsébet Nováky

Co-Chair: Mihály Simai

Secretary: Tamás Kristóf

E-mail address:


Short CVs of founding members:

Mihály Simai, Professor, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is currently Research Professor emeritus in the Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, directing its research on global issues. He is also a Professor emeritus, teaching at the Department of World Economy at Corvinus University of Budapest. He is a former President of the Council of the United Nations University and a former Director of the UNU/World Institute of Development Economics. Member of the Planning Committee of the Millennium Project. E-mail:

Erzsébet Nováky, economist, futurist (since 1970), PhD (1980), DSc (1991, Doctor of Sciences in Economics at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: HAS), Professor (Corvinus University of Budapest: CUB). Head of Futures Studies Department at CUB between 1989-2012, executive member of WFSF between 1997-2005. Now she is the president of the Doctoral Council of CUB, and co-president of Scientific Committee of Statistics and Futures Studies at HAS. Her research fields are futures methodology, participatory FS, complex futures images, future orientation. E-mail:

Klára Szita Tóth, Professor and head of Doctorate School at University of Miskolc Faculty of Economics. She is graduated as chemist, environmental engineer, PhD of economist. Her research field is the sustainability, LCA and futures studies. She is a member of Scientific Committee of Statistics and Futures Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences and president of Futures Studies Subcommittee. She attended in the SusHouse project, which is one of her most important research. E-mail:

Endre Kiss, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (D.Sc.), PhD. dr. habil. Senior Professor at the Department of Modern Philosophy of the Humanities Faculty of the Loránd Eötvös University of Sciences, Budapest, Professor at the OR-ZSE (Jewish University in Budapest).Most important fields of research: Globalization, Information and Knowledge-based Society, Friedrich Nietzsche, story of Ideas in Central Europe and Hungary. Member of Scientific Committee of Statistics and Futures Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Member of the Hungarian Association of the Club of Rome. E-mail:

Éva Hideg, Associate Professor with habilitation at Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB). She has a PhD degree and has earned her academic doctoral degree (Doctor of Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) in the futures fields in 2012. She is well-known for her theoretical work on the paradigms of futures studies, interrelationships between the theory and practice of futures studies and foresight, the survey of future orientation and the foresight of the Hungarian education. E-mail:

István Kappéter In 1950 group therapy for psychotics (with I. Hollós) & College of Special Teaching. Assisted G. Bárczi in conditioning mental patients. Occupational therapy for psychotics (I. Benedek: “Gilded Cage” 1957). 1962: MD. Psychotherapy of children, and of delinquent youth. Rehab. Dept. for asocial epileptics. Specialist of neurol. & psychiat. Organized open door wards and out-patient stations for neurol. & psychiat. & club for alcoholics in Berettyóújfalu. Taught medical psychology. Organized modern out-patient centre. Psychiatry for social workers. Head psychiatrist in nursing home for psychotics. Alzheimer Assoc.: Economic treatment of dementia: with early treatment 5-10, exceptionally 26 years ability for work, and happiness until death. “SzívSN” Assoc.: teaching nurse specialists. Research fellow at Futures Studies Department, Corvinus University of Budapest. E-mail:

Tamás Kristóf, senior lecturer at Corvinus University of Budapest. Modeling and forecasting practitioner. PhD (2009, Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration at Corvinus University of Budapest). His research field implies corporate survival and solvency prediction, economic forecasting, multivariate statistical modeling and scenario planning.  Certificate of recognition by The Association of Professional Futurists as the author of best methodological study among young researchers. János Harsányi award granted by the Management and Organizational Scientific Committee, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. More than 50 publications. E-mail: