The Symbiotic Life-TECH Institute Holds an International Conference

Four  Millennium Project Planning Committee members are attending this event including Hazel Handerson, Ethical Market Chair; Sirkka Heinonen, Finnish NodeChair; Ibon Zugasti, Spanish Node Chair; Jose Cordeiro, Venezuela Node Chair; and Youngsook Park, Korea Node Chair who is also responsible for organizing this event.  The four Millennium Project regional Chairs will present the MP Futures Research Methodologies to Korean MP members from 9 am to 2 pm on 7 October. They will also participate in the main Symbiotic Life International Conference from 7 to 10 October, 2014.

- The practical convergence science takes its first step to lead the future of global society 
- Reestablishment of the paradigm for symbiosis between nature, society, technology ecosystem, and human

The Symbiotic Life-TECH Institute (directed by Prof. YeonSook Lee) holds an international conference in the 100th Anniversary Memorial Hall and the Samsung Hall at Yonsei University, from October 7th to 10th. The topic of the conference is the 'Symbiotic Life Science & Technology'. This conference discusses practical academic alternatives to establish healthy relationship between human and surrounding ecosystems by restoring damages in natural and social ecosystems from the rapid industrialization, and building sound relationships between human and technology ecosystems.

Students are allowed to attend the conference, along with all the professionals. Speakers with international reputations in the field of future vision as well as the editors of leading international journals in academia are also invited. You can find more information on the website of the institute, (Korean) / (English).

This conference is planned to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the College of Human Ecology. Also, the conference aims to put Human Ecology, who has put enormous effort to scientifically improve human lifestyle, onto the position of practical science which is required in the era of technology and information revolution, and in the democratic civic society.

Professor Lee said "Human life expectancy is getting longer, and the surrounding nature, society, and technology ecosystems are rapidly changing, which means that the daily components of life such as foods, clothes, commodities, and living spaces are now fundamentally changing.”She also said, “Therefore, values, behaviors and economic, social, and cultural systems based on the industrial society are collapsing at a rapid  pace. Human needs to sincerely reflect and research the new paradigm and practical alternatives to interact with surrounding ecosystem and build symbiotic relationships with it. Under this condition, 'Symbiotic Life Science & Technology' will be the leading model of the practical science driving the innovative lifestyles."

For more information please contact Mrs. Youngsook Park: <yharmsen at>