Korea Node

South Korea became a Node of the Millennium Project in November 2004.

The Node auspice is KOREA 2050 organization that aims to engage Koreans in creating a better future by promoting Future Studies and encourage its use in planning and strategy.

Korea Node Chair/President is Mr.s. Youngsook Park.

General Information and structure of the Node

2010 Activites

2009 Activities

Completion of 2009 State of the Future Korean translation.

See Node activities update presented by Younsook Park, Node Chair, at the Millennium Project Planning Committee, July 2009.

Opening of the Climate Change Situation Room in Gimcheon and other activities organized by the Node Chair, Youngsook Park, during MP Director, Jerome Glenn's visit in South Korea in August, 2009 (see http://mpcollab.org/Korea-Trip-Genis.mov)

Press coverage of Jerome Glenn and other futurists' visits, talks, and interviews in South Korea (several articles in Korean)

2008 Activities
See Node activities update presented by Younsook Park, Node Chair (report to be posted soon), at the Millennium Project Planning Committee, July 2008.

2007 Activities
See Node activities update presented by Younsook Park, Node Chair, at the Millennium Project Planning Committee, July 2007.

2006 Activities
See Node activities update presented by Younsook Park, Node Chair (report to be posted soon), at the Millennium Project Planning Committee, July 2006.

2005 Activities

General Information and structure of the Node

Korea Node Chair/President is Mrs. Youngsook Park.

The structure of KOREA 2050 / Millennium Project Korea Node is:


Mr. Lee Young-tak, ex-Minister for Government Cordination/ex-Vice Finance Minister/ex-Education Minister (ytlee2020@hanmail.net)


  1. Ms. Park Youngsook President WFS Korea /Director Public Diplomacy Australian Embassy/President & Founder, Korean Foster Care Association/ President ACUNU/Millennium Project Korea Node (harmsen@korea.com/ youngsook.park@dfat.gov.au www.ngopower.net)
  2. Mr. Ohm Kie-young, Executive Managing Director/Anchor of 9 Newsdesk, MBC TV/the most popular/respected journalist in Korea (kyohm@imbc.com)
  3. Mr. Jang Sung-min, ex-MP Ruling New Millennium Democratic Party/ex-Chief of Current Affairs to the President Kim Dae-jung, Blue House (smjjang21@hanmail.net)
  4. Dr. Kim Doo-sik, Bio-chemistry Prof, Yonsei University (dskim@yonsei.ac.kr)
  5. Mr. Park Se-hoon, Planning National Policies, Presidential Office (no1park@empal.com)
  6. Timothy Watson, writer/editor/researcher/lecturer at Jeungsando, prof at Kunkuk University (apollospear@yahoo.com)


Chairman, 6 Vice Chairman and 5 members:

  1. Mr. Shin Kyung-min, MBCTV Anchor/Executive Director Newsroom (kmshin@imbc.com)
  2. Ms. Jung Mi-hong, KBS anchor lady/President J & A PR Co Ltd (mhjung@jna.com)
  3. Ex-Rep Jung Ho-sung National Assemblyman
  4. Mr. Lee Sang-kuk Lee Sang-kuk Law Firm
  5. Mr. Park Jae-chun, Vice President, GM Daewoo Motors
  6. Kim Heung-kuk singer/entertainer


Mr. Park Jong-baek, Sewha Law Firm (jbpark@ sewhalaw.com)


Ms. Jiki Shin (prjiki@hanmail.net)


Mr. Cho Yong, Internet Editor, Moonhwa Daily Newspaper (cy20@munhwa.co.kr)


Mrs Jiki Shin, Ms. Kim Na-young & Mr. Jun Jung-woo (sagged@kora.ac.kr/ futureclub@korea.com), Mr. Lee Jong-kuk, Youngjin.com (lanhouse@hanmail.net)


1. Demographics and Human Resources:

    1. Mr. Kim Hae-soo, Statistics Directorm, National Statistics Bureau,
    2. Mrs Youngsook Park President of Korean Foster Care Association (NGO),

2. Technological Capacity:

    1. Dr. Kim Sung-chul, Seoul National Univ Prof and IT Engineering
    2. Dr. Ahn Jong-bae, Hansei University Prof, Graduate School of Digitaal media

3. Environmental Change and Biodiversity :

    1. Prof. Kim Du-shik, biochemistry, Yonsei University

4. Economics and Wealth:

    1. Mr. Lee Young-tak, ex-government coordination minister
    2. Dr. Lee Dong-gul ex-Finance Security Commission
    3. Dr. Ko Jean, IT Computer Business Varovision president, etc

5. Governance and Conflict:

    1. Mr. Kim Hyuk-gyu, former Kyungnam Governor
    2. Mr. Jang Sung-min, ex-MP



  1. Mr. Yu Young-ku, Myungji University
  2. Dr. Jung Woon-chan, President, Seoul National University
  3. Mr. Kwak Man-soon, Prof Bussiness Management, Catholic University/CEO Forum President
  4. Dr. Cho Dong-sung, Dean of Business Management Graduate School, Seoul National University
  5. Prof. Erik Harmsen, English Department, Myungji University
  6. Prof. Ko Suk-myun, Incheon Tourism College
  7. Dr. Kwon Ki-hong, Prof Political Science, ex-Labour Minister
  8. Dr. Kim Yon-shik, Prof, Digital Media, Dongsuh University
  9. Dr. Kim Tae-il, Political Science Prof, Yungnam University
  10. Dr. Lee Seung-ho, Prof Seoul National University Dental College, Owner of Catholic Dental Care
  11. Dr. Cho Heung-shik, Prof Social Welfare Dept, Seoul National University
  12. Choi Sang-duk, Research Fellow (Ph.D Lifelong Learning), Office f Educational Credit Bank System, Korean Educational Development Institute


  1. Rep. Park Chan-suk Ruling Uri Party/ex-President of Kyungbuk National University
  2. Rep. Kim Hyuk-gyu Ruling Uri Party/ex-governor of Kyungnam Province
  3. Dr. Yoon Duk-hong, Prof., Daegu University/ ex-Deputy Prime Minister/Education Minister, ex-President of Daegu University
  4. Mr.. Lee Kang-chul, Special Adviser to the President for Political Affairs
  5. Rep. Yu Shi-min, National Assemblymen, the Ruling Uri Party
  6. Rep. Kim Sun-mi, National Assembly, the Ruling Wri Party
  7. Rep. Kim Bu-gyum, National Assembly, the Ruling Uri Party
  8. Rep. Jun Jae-hee, National Assembly, the Opposition GNP
  9. Rep. Kwak Sung-moon, National Assembly, the Opposition GNP
  10. Rep. Shim Jae-chul, National Assembly, the Opposition GNP
  11. Rep. Suh Kap-won, Nataional Assembly, the Ruling Uri Party
  12. Rep Lee Kwang-jae, National Assembly, the Ruling Uri Party
  13. Mr. kwon Hyung-woo, National Assembly, the Ruling Uri Party Senior Director of Planning
  14. Mr. Jung Ho-sung, ex-Rep, Ruling MDP
  15. Rep. Park Chan-sook, national Assembly the Opposition GNP
  16. Mr. Kim Bum-il, Vice Mayor, Daegu Metropolitan Government

Entertainment/TV Production/Culture & Art

  1. Mr. Lim Baek-chun, Talk Show Host/Freelancer Entertainer
  2. Ms. Lee Eun-mi, KBS Documentary Producer
  3. Ms. Kwon Kwi-ok, actress
  4. Mr. Yu In-chon, Actor/President, Seoul Cultural Foundation/Prof. of Performance Art, Joongang University
  5. Mr. So Won-young, MBC TV Dr.ama Director/producer
  6. Mr. Lee Nok-young, KBS Dr.ama Director/producer
  7. Mr. No Jong-yoon, Producer, Sidus Corporation Film Productions
  8. Mr. Kim Young-jin, film critic, Chief Writer, Film 2.0 Monthly Jounal
  9. Mr. Oh Dong-jin, film critic, TV Film Weekly "Cine 24" on YTN & EBS
  10. Lee Jun-dong, producer/owner, Nowfilm
  11. Mr. Park Chan-wook, Director, Film "Old Boy", Berlin Film Director's Award 2004
  12. Mr. Kim Ki-deuk, Director, Film "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winer & Spring", Won Best Director's Award Vennis Film Festival
  13. Mr. Kim Myung-gon, director, National Theatre
  14. Mr. Kim Ki-deok, Film Director "Address Unknown, Spring Summer..", Savrina"
  15. Mr. Lee Hyun-seung, Film Director/President of Korean Film Directors Association/Directors Cut
  16. Mr. Kim dong-ho, Director, Busan Int'l Film Festival
  17. Ms. Son sook, Actress/ex-Environment Minister/SBS radio talkshow host
  18. Mr. Ryu Hee-lim YTN Calbe TV News Channel

NGO/Volunteers & Social Welfare Sector

  1. Dr. Park Mi-suk, Seoul Welfare Foundation, Seoul Metropolitan Government/Prof Sukmyung University
  2. Mr. Kim Kil-soo, Sec Gen, Korean Volunteers Associations NGO, Ministry of Government Administration
  3. Mr. Min Kyung-chun, Executive Vice President, Samsung Group Volunteers Unit
  4. Mr. Choi Sung-gyun, Chairman, Korean Social Workers Association
  5. Mr. Ko Jin-kwang, Chairman, NGO Haksamo, Parents Association of School Children
  6. Mr. Lee Je-hoon, Senior Adviser, ex-Joongang Daily Newspaper President
  7. Dr. Choi Il-sub, Prof Social Welfare Hosuh University/ex-Seoul National University Dean of Social Welfare/ex-chairman of Korean Voluteers Forum
  8. Mrs. Moon Shin-ja, Korean Business Women's Federation/ Daegu NGO leader/ Cairman of Political Academy/Korean Leaders Forum, Catholic University, Daegu
  9. Mr. Kim Dong-bum, Sec Gen, Korean Disabled Federation
  10. Ms. Kim Jin-sook, social worker, Ph.D in SKKU in social welfare
  11. Mr. Kim Jung-ryul, Director, Differently Abled Rights Institute
  12. Mr. Son Byung-doo, ex-vice chairman, Federation of Korean Industries/Chairman, Korean Volunteers Forum


  1. Mr. Pyo Wan-soo, YTN (24 hour cable news TV/CNN equivalent) President
  2. Mr Ko Suk-man, President, Educational Broadcasting Station
  3. Mr. Lee Je-hoon, Senior Adviser/ex-President, Joongang Daily Newspaper (2.5 million cirulation quality paper)
  4. Mr. Kim Ku-chul, Economic Editor, KBS TV
  5. Ms. Kim Sun-young, President, Mingyo group, Travel Journal Publisher
  6. Mr. Nam Dong-hee, Director Publishing Dept, Maeil Economic Daily
  7. Mr. Choi Bo-shik, City Desk Editor, Chosun Daily Newspaper
  8. Mr. Shin Kyung-min, Executive Director, MBC Newsroom/ex-Washington Correspondent, MBC TV
  9. Ms. Lee Jin-sook, MBC TV, Deputy International Editor, Iraq War Correspondent
  10. Mr. Lee Byung-jong, Newsweek reporter/Bureau Chief in Seoul
  11. Ms. Son Jie-ae, CNN Bureau Chief in Seoul
  12. Mr. Park Han-choon, Ex-Chairman of Foreign Correspondents Club/wwide news bureau chief in Seoul/21Century Intervision President
  13. Mr. Kim Yoon-gon, Chosun Daily Newspaper Deputy Editor
  14. Dr. Chung sook-wha, Sec Gen, Korea Broadcasting Institute
  15. Ms. Lee Young-ran, Deputy Political Editor, Youngnam Daily Newspaper
  16. Ms. Lee Jung-min, Deputy Editor Life Style, Joongang Ilbo
  17. Mr. Cheong Hung-bo, Planning Director, MBCTV/ex-Paris Correspondent
  18. Mr. Chung Dong-woo, Deputy Managing Editor, Donga Daily Newspaper
  19. Mr. Yu Hee-lim, Director, YTN Cable TV news channel
  20. Mr. Ku Bon-hak, President, TBC TV Seoul Office
  21. Mr. Nam Dong-hee, Director Publishing Dept, Maeil Busines News Daily
  22. Mr. Song Do-gyun, SBS TV President
  23. Mr. Cheong Heung-bo, MBC TV Planning Director
  24. Mr. Pyo Wan-soo, President, YTN News cable channel


  1. Mr. Yoon Ju-whan, Preisident,
  2. Mr. Moon Kuk-hyun, Presudent, Yuhan Kimberley/World Environment Activiest Award for 500
  3. Mr. Park Sung-yong, Honorary Chairman, Kumho Group/Asiana Airlines. Top 20 Korean conglomerate
  4. Ms. Jung Mi-hong, President J&A PR Firm/ex-KBS anchor lady/Talkshow Host " Talks with Jung Mi-hong" TV Program
  5. Dr. Kim Ran-sook, President, Comweaver.com/ ex-director, Korea Telecom
  6. Mr. Kim Myung-gyun, Director/Chief Assistant to Lee Ku-taek, POSCO
  7. Mr. Lee Sang-kuk, Lee Sang-kuk Law Firm
  8. Mr. Kim Hun-tae, President of TN Sopress Poll Research Institute
  9. Mr. Park Jae-chan, Executive Vice President, Daewoo Co Ltd
  10. Dr. Bae Sang0chul, Prof, Hanyang University
  11. Ms. Kim E-sook, President, e-corporations Co Ltd
  12. Ms. Lee Hyun-jung, Manager, Berson Masterteller PR Co Ltd
  13. Mr. Yu Soon-shin, President, Head Hunter Firm
  14. Mr. Lee Kyung-hoon, President, Myungjun Electrical Co Ltd/JC Chairman
  15. Lee Sang-kyung, Hyundai
  16. Mr. Jun Ha-jin, Founder of Netian Portal Site/ex-President, Hangul & Computer Co Ltd
  17. Mr. Suh Ji-hyun, President, Vertual Tech Co Ltd
  18. Mr. Kim Jay-hyun, Vice President, WiderThan. com Co Ltd
  19. Mr. Choi Bong-gyu, President, Home Shopping
  20. Mr. Sang Young-jo, Executive Managing Director, Samsung Group Restructuring HQs
  21. Mr. Lee Hyun-sub, Chairman, IT Venture Association
  22. Mr. Ahn Kyung-shik, Korean Small & Medium Industry Federation
  23. Robert Hong, manager, Iraqui Oil Consortium
  24. Mr. Kim Dong-hun, Vice President, LG Construction
  25. Mr. Choi Han-young, President, Hyundai Motors
  26. Ms. Kang Sun-ho, Owner/Chairman, Dongwha Sacred Hospital Foundation
  27. Mr. Kang Sung-gyu, Special Adviser to President of TU, DMB Satellite Mobile Broadcasting Consortium & SK Telecom
  28. Mr. Choi Si-jung, Chairman, Gallop Poll Korea
  29. Mr. Kim Bu-gon, Chairman, Youngjun.com (02-523-6027
  30. Ms. Kim Soon-jin, Chairman, 21st Century Women CEO Association, Chairman, Nolbu Restaurant Group
  31. Ms. Kim Ji-myung, President, Korea Convention Co Ltd
  32. Mr. Kim Hyun-dong, President, Marriot Hotel
  33. Mr. Nam Joong-soo, KTF President
  34. Mr. Suh Sung-keun, Lawyer
  35. Mr. Choi Hoon, Publisher of Le Seoul/Chairman, Korean Wine Academy

Government/public organisations

  1. Mr. Kim Su-jung, Chief of Kangdong Seoul Police Headquarters
  2. Dr. Kang Kyung-wha, Minister Councellor, Korean Representative to the UN
  3. Ms. Kim Hye-won, Business Planning Director, Korea Foundation
  4. Mr. Kang Seung-gyu, Planning Diretor, Seoul Metropolitan Government Information Department
  5. Mr. Park Bong-gyu, Sec Gen, Korean Industry Promotion Foundation
  6. Mr. Chu Byung-jik, ex-Vice Minister of Construction & Transportation
  7. Mr. Jung Sang-chun, Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  8. Dr. Do Jong-woong, Director, National Medical Centre
  9. Mr. Kim Se-ho, Vice Minister Construction & Transportation
  10. Mr. Shin Hyun-taek, Vice Minister, Gender Equality
  11. Mr. Choi Kyung-soo, Vice Minister for Culture & Social Affairs, Prime Minister's Office
  12. Mr. Suk Ho-ik, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Information & Communications
  13. Mr. Kwak Gyul-ho, Environment Minister
  14. Mr. Kim Ju-sub, Assistant Minister, Public Ombuzmen's Office, Ministry of Government Administration
  15. Mr. Kim Chul-soo, Senior Researcher, Korean Culture & Tourism Poliy Making Institute
  16. Mr. Kim Dong-uk, Vice Chairman, Korean Software Industry Association
  17. Mr. Kim Hae-soo, Director, Korean Statistics Bureau
  18. Mr. mr Ko Shi-yon/Lee Seung-woo, Korean IT Small & Medium Venture Association
  19. Mr. Lee Hyun-suk, Korean Communiations Corporations Assoiation
  20. Mr. No Jong-sub, President, Infoweb Co. Ltd
  21. Dr. Kang Ki-ryong, Audit Inspector, Korean Central Electric Power Development
  22. Dr. Kang Hyung-chul, Sec Gen, Korean Culture & Art Foundation, Ministry of Culture & Tourism
  23. Mr. Lee Young-kuk, ex-National Tax Office/CPA
  24. Mr. Kim Jong-chang, Committee member/vice minister level, Korean Finance Regulation Commission/ex-Industry Bank (State-run) Chairman
  25. Mr. Kim Ju-hyun, Director, Korean Hotel & Tourism Central Association
  26. Mr. Kim Jin-tae, President, Kyungbuk Tourism Development Office
  27. Mr. Do Shin-woo, President Model Centre
  28. Ms. Song Mi-jin, Ramdomhouse Joongang Publishing Co Ltd
  29. Ms. Yoon Song-ee, Executive Director, SK Telecom
  30. Ms. Lee Myung-sook, President GO Channel
  31. Mr. Lee Chun-man, Vice President, Kolon Group
  32. Mr. Lee Ho-sun, Vice President, Samsung Construction
  33. Mr. Choi Kyung-soo, Director/minister level, Government Procurement Office

Contact information:

Mrs. Youngsook Park
email: harmsen@empal.com / futureclub@korea.com
508-10, Jungnung 2-dong, Sungbuk-ku, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 822-909-9494
Fax: 822-911-5659
Mobile: 822-10-7228-9494