Peru Node

The Peru Node functions under the auspices of the Instituto Peruano de Administración de Empresas – IPAE (Peruvian Institute of Business Administration) and was formed in 2007.

Node Chair: Julio Paz, Manager of the Center for Strategic Studies, IPAE

Node members are:

Claudio Herzka, IPAE, President
Jacqueline Saettone, IPAE - Management Committee (Directorship) for the Strategic Studies Center, President
Raúl Jacob, IPAE - Management Committee (Directorship) for the Strategic Studies Center Vice-president

Private Sector:
Ximena Zavala, National Confederation of Private Entrepreneurial Institutions – CONFIEP, Main Entrepreneurial Union, President or Directorship Member
Diego de la Torre, Annual Executives Conference (main national forum), Organizing Committee President
Susana Elespuru, Entrepreneurial Leaders (others)

Public Administration:
Guido Lombardi,  Republic’s Congress, Interested leader Congressman
Juan Chau, Ministry Council Presidency, The National director of Intersectorial Coordination
Max Hernández o Carmela Vildoso, National Agreement Technical Secretariat
Agnes Franco, National Competitiveness Council Executive Director
Carlos Casas, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Multi annual Team for the Macroeconomic Frame
Augusto Mellado, National Council of Science and Technology, President

Academy and Civil Society:
Iván Rodríguez, Rectors' National Assembly, President
Luis Guzmán-Barrón Sobrevilla, Catholic Pontificia University of Peru, Rector or designated representative
Carmen Rosa Graham, Pacfico University Rector
Gonzalo Galdos, Applied Sciences Peruvian University – Post Degree School, Director
Fernando Ortega, Outstanding futurist, Public Sector
Helan Jaworsky, Outstanding futurist, Private Sector
Javier Iguíñiz, Social and Economic Investigation Consortium - CIES, President
Patricia Arregui, Analysis Group for Development – Grade (NGO), Associated Consultant
Luz Aúrea Sáenz Arana, National Dean's Council of Proffesional Colleges of Peru, President

Julio Paz
Center for Strategic Studies
Instituto Peruano de Administración de Empresas