Romania Node

General Overview of the Node

The Romania Node of The Millennium Project was officially set up in 2011 and it connects experienced as well as young and talented professionals from all walks of life including academia, think tanks, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The Romania Node seeks to address new areas of inquiry and interdisciplinary explorations of innovative issues, topics, concepts and methodologies related to the future of mankind. It is particularly interested in the new factors and emerging actors which shape the economic, political and security international agenda and the global, regional and local policy, with a special focus on South-East Europe and wider Black Sea region.

The Node members were involved in conducting various studies and surveys in the fields of international relations, European affairs, geopolitics geo-strategy, geo-economics, security and defence and presenting The Millennium Project work to the Romanian public.

Node Chair is Professor Adrian Pop, Director of the Centre for Regional and Global Studies in Bucharest. He has been involved with The Millennium Project activities since 1999. He supervised and coordinated the translation and publication into Romanian of the 2010 State of the Future and the executive summaries of its subsequent annual editions. In January 2012, he organized a lookout survey among members of the Romanian Node on transatlantic security, new challenges and missile defence architecture. In April 2012, he presented The Millennium Project’s activities at a CAESAR cocktail event in Bucharest. In June 2013, he presented the Global Futures Intelligence System (GFIS) at the 21st World Conference of the World Future Studies Federation (WFSF) celebrating its 40th anniversary in the capital city of Romania. In October 2014, the Centre for Regional and Global Studies in Bucharest was one of the coalition partners of the third Security Jam, a massive global online brainstorm organized by Security & Defence Agenda in Brussels, which brought together thousands of security stakeholders from NGOs, the military, government, international institutions, the media, think-tanks and academia worldwide to develop concrete solutions to real problems.


2010 State of the Future
Romanian translation of the
2010 State of the Future

Executive Summary: Romanian

Released: October, 2010

Node Contact:
Professor Adrian Pop, Ph.D.
Director, Centre for Regional and Global Studies
39A, Anghel Moldoveanu Street, Sector 4, RO-041085 Bucharest, Romania