African Futures 2025

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African Futures 2025 is a six parts scenario series on long-range issues that concern the future of Africa.

The Millennium Project Feasibility Study produced the series in 1994 under the umbrella of African Futures Project by the United Nations Development Program. The objective of the project was to assist African countries to conduct long-term prospective studies at the national level. It also intended to assist in building an endogenous capacity in the continent for strategic long-term reflection, futures studies, and strategic planning and management.

The series includes:

1) Technological Capacity
2) International Economic Policy and International Trade
3) Agriculture and Food Security
4) Life Support and Sustainable Development
5) Population, Education and Human Welfare
6) Peace, Governance and Culture

This report presents the future-oriented visions and ideas on Africa while outlining the process of applying the National Long-Term Perspective Studies to the national development strategy in Africa.

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