Global Arts & Media Node

The Members of the Global Arts & Media Node are:

KMPhotoNode Chair:
Kate McCallum
Founder, c3™
The Center for Conscious Creativity

Los Angeles, California, USA

Professor Joonmo Kwon,
Founder and CEO of Fourthirtythree Inc.
Seoul, South Korea

Node Committee Members:
Marco Bevolo, Netherlands
LeVar Burton, United States
Sandra de Castro Buffington, United States
Klaus Haasis, Germany
Brendan Harkin, Australia
Dana Klinasin, United States
Ed Lantz, United States
Dongchang Liu, China
Mark Riva, United States


The current Global Arts and Media website can be found at

c3: Visionlab's State of the Arts:

Recent Activities:

State of the Arts 2013 symposium.

2013 FutureVision Awardee - Karim Ahmad, creator  


State of the Arts 2010 symposium.

See Node presentation presented by Kate McCallum and Ed Luntz, at the Millennium Project Planning Committee, July 2010.

c3: Visionlab's State of the Arts (Promo) by Siren Media

Los Angeles Sub Node

Jeanette DePatie, Producer, Writer, Owner Propellerhead, Chair Broadband Committee/Co-Chair Documentary/Nonfiction Committee at Producers Guild of America

Kathy Eldon, Producer, Writer, Founder Creative Visions Foundation and Creative Visions Productions

James Fino, Visual FX Artist and Producer, Co-Owner 23D Films, Co-Chair Producers Guild of America New Media Council

Ron James, Director, Writer, Producer, Ron James Television

Alexandra Leh, Writer, Producer, Director, Singer, Founder LaCheraqui Media, President Art of Sound for Bridge Arts Media

Jahna Perricone, Singer, Performer, Voice Teacher Co-Owner

Michael Perricone, Producer, Screenwriter, Sound Designer, Musician, Owner, Lotus Post, Co-Owner

Patty Rangel, Hybrid Reality Producer

Alison Savitch, Producer, Owner Digital Fortress, Chair Producers Guild of America New Media Council

Michele Scarabelli, Actress, Producer, Program Coordinator c3: Center for Conscious Creativity

Brad Schreiber, Playwright, Screenwriter, Author, Journalist, Essayist, Literary Consultant and Instructor,  Actor and Producer

Bita Shafipour, Producer, Director, Partner Socially Conscious Arts Productions

Robert Terchek, Interative Content Producer, Media Futurist, Speaker, Painter, Executive Consultant, Professor


Contact Information:
Kate McCallum
Founder, c3: Center for Conscious Creativity
Chair, Global Arts and Media Node
Millennium Project
Studio: 323-352-8300