Australasian Node

The Members of the Australasia Node are:

Node Chair:

Dr. Anita Sykes-Kelleher
Centre For Australian Foresight



Node Committee Members:
Kristin Alford, Adelaide
Marcus Barber, Melbourne- Node Media Contact
Barbara Bok, Melbourne
Josh Floyd, Melbourne
Dr. Jennifer Gidley, Melbourne
Dr. Ivana Milojevic, Brisbane
Dr. Chris Riedy, Sydney
Dr. Diann Rodgers-Healey, Wollongong
Pera Wells, Melbourne
Dr. Paul Wildman, Brisbane

Institutional Members of the Australian Node

Centre for Integrated Human Studies at the University of Western Australia
The Centre for Australian Foresight

Recent Activites: Australasian Node Awards

Australasia is a region of Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea, and neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean. The term was coined by Charles de Brosses in Histoire des navigations aux terres australes (1756). He derived it from the Latin for "south of Asia" and differentiated the area from Polynesia (to the east) and the southeast Pacific (Magellanica). It is also distinct from Micronesia (to the northeast). It with India sits on a plate called the Indo-Australian Plate. Source: wikipedia



The Australasian Node committee comprises volunteer representatives from the regional groupings (although New Zealand has its own Node.) The current committee has an elected Chairperson appointed in 2008 and reappointed in 2011 following a Memorandum of Understanding between the Millennium Project and the Institute for Sustainable Futures for the Node to be auspiced by the Institute.

"I have been associated with the Australasian Node of the Millennium project since the Node was founded in Australia in the mid-90s. In the little-known history of this Node, I worked as Node Secretary until 2000, with CSIRO scientist Dr. Tom Beer (Chair), Southern Cross University Lecturer, Dr. Paul Wildman (Treasurer and later Co-Chair), and CSIRO scientist Barney Foran.  We effectively co-founded what was then the South Pacific Node of the Millennium Project, which later metamorphosed into the Australasian Node.

In my view, the Millennium Project provides a number of useful resources for teachers and students of global and futures education programs. Amongst them is the State of the Future report that distils perspectives on 15 global challenges from scientists, futurists, academics, research institutes and policy analysts in 35 countries.

The Australasian Node, which I am currently involved in as Committee member, has recently begun the compilation of a national report, to be developed over time. I encourage those with research interests in these areas, and in futures research generally, to contribute to this publication."

Dr. Jennifer M. GIDLEY
President 2009-2014
World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF)


Node Contacts:

Dr. Anita Sykes-Kelleher
Centre For Australian Foresight

Dr. Chris Riedy
Associate Professor
Institute for Sustainable Futures University of Technology, Sydney
PO Box 123 Broadway
Sydney, NSW, 2007

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