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Dramatic changes have taken place in the world in the last two decades of this century. Conspicuous among these is the rapid development of East and South-East Asia, a region with one third of the world population, transforming from agricultural society to industrial society, from planned economy to market economy, from a homogeneous and unitary society into a heterogeneous and diversified society. The pace, depth, and magnitude of this transition, while bringing about benefits to local people, have exerted severe human ecological stresses on both local and cultural conditions and regional life support ecosystems. The sustainability can only be assured with a human-ecological understanding of the complex interaction among environmental, economic and social/cultural factors and with comprehensive planning and management grounded in ecological principles.

Node Chair: Dr. Zhouying Jin, Director of the Institute of Quanti-Econoics & Techno-Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing



Among other activities, the Chinese Node is translating and publishing the annual State of the Future reports

2010 and 2011 State of the Future


2010 Activities
See presentation made by Rusong Wang Node Chair at the MPPC meeting, July 2010 in Boston, MA

Published the Chinese version of the 2009 State of the Future

2009 Activities

2008 Activities
See Node activities update presented by Dr. Zhouying Jin, Node Chair (report to be posted soon), at the Millennium Project Planning Committee, July 2008. Published the Chinese version of the 2006 and 2007 State of the Future

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Zhouying JIN has also published the English version of her book Global Technological Change; From Hard Technology to Soft Technology. See information about the book Soft Technology.pdf. The book is available on (Global Technological Change: From Hard Technology To Soft Technology (Paperback), by Zhouying Jin, List Price: $39.95 U.S. dollars plus shipping)

The first chair of the Chinese Node and supporter of The Millennium Project since its feasability study has been Dr. Rusong Wang, Director of the Urban Systems Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. He passed away in 2013.


Dr. Zhouying Jin


MP Publications

The State of the Future reports provide context for global thinking and potential for better understanding how humanity could work together to improve the human condition.

Futures Research Methodology Version 3.0 is the most comprehensive collection of futures research methods published