Chile Node

The Chile Node was formed in 2007, when Mr. Jerome Glenn, Director of the Millennium Project, visited Chile as a head of a delegation of Latin-American members of The Millennium Project.

From 2007 to 2014, the Node Chair was Professor Héctor Casanueva. In August 2014, he was named Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Chile to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the United Nations for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Conference:

Presently, the Node Chair is Professor Luis Lira Cossio, Master in Development Studies, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands. Post graduated in Regional Development Planning, Institute of Economic and Social Planning for Latin America and Caribean countries (ILPES) of the Economic Comission for Latin America and the Caribean (ECLAC).

Luis Lira has lectured on topics such as regional development, natural resources, decentralization, regional analysis and, mainly, in regional planning in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in several Chilean and Latin American universities. Associate professor of the Faculty of Arquitecture, Geography and Design of the University of Chile. He works as a national and international consultant and is a founding member of the Prospective and Strategy Chilean Council (CCPE). He publishes a monthly column about regional development in

The Node is linked to a great number of professionals who work in regional, national and international institutions and also to academics from universities such as the Catholic University of Chile; University of Chile; Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences; Catholic University of Valparaiso; Central University,  Academy of Christian Humanism University  and Alberto Hurtado University.

The Node is in informative contact with more than two hundred people in Chile, who have participated in different activities organized by the Node, such as the public presentation of the State of The Future reports in Spanish, with the cooperation of the Commerce Chamber of Santiago and the University Finis Terrae; the Seminar on the State of the Future at the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences; the Seminar on State of The Future organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Chile Node is also working on the membership, and planning activities with the other Latinamerican Nodes and was an active participant in the study “Latin America 2030”.

Recently, the Node was actively involved in the ECLAC seminar Latin America and the Caribbean in 2030: World visions, continental views, aims to contribute to consolidate a network of persons and entities with a view to progress in building capacity for understanding planetary future trends and their implications for public policy in the region. It took place on 24 and 25 September 2014, at ECLAC headquarters in Santiago, Chile.



2014 Node Activities

Actively involved in the ECLAC seminar Latin America and the Caribbean in 2030

2013 Node Activites

See presentation by Hector Cassanueva, Node Chair, at the MPPC meeting, June 1-5, 2013 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

2012 Node Activites

Active involvement in the publication and promotion of the study “Latin America 2030” and activities related to the future of Chile.

2011 Node Activities

International Congress The Future: Science, Technology, Humanities and Citizenship
"Horizons in the Bicentennial of the National Congress of the Republic of Chile”

Santiago, Chile, 30 November, 1,2, 3 December 2011-National Congress Building Santiago

Jerome Glenn, Director General del Milleniumm Project encabezó la delegación que se entrevistó en 2007 con el Presidente del Senado Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle para informarfle respecto de las Comisiones de Futuro que se están formando en los Parlamentos de varios países dedicadas a efectuar análisis políticos para mejorar la gestión del futuro. Glenn estuvo acompañado de Miguel Angel Gutiérrez, Director del Centro de Globalización y Prospectiva de Argentina; José Cordeiro, Director de la Sociedad venezzolana del Futuro; Luis Ragno, Director del Centro de Estudios Prospectivos de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo; y Héctor Casanueva.

In May 2007, Jerome Glenn, Director of the Millennium Project, and the delegation, met with the President of the Chile Senate, Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, for discussing the formation of a Commission of the Future dedicated to help the Chilean Parliament to carry out political analyses to improve the management of the future.
Glenn was accompanied by Miguel Angel Gutiérrez, Argentina, Director of the Center of Globalización and Prospectiva and Chair of the Millennium Project Argentina Node; Jose Cordeiro, Director of the Venezuela Society of the Future and Chair of the Millennium Project Venezuela Node; Luis Ragno, Director of the Center of Prospective Studies of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina; and Héctor Casanueva, Chair of the Chilean Node.

The Director of The MP and the delegation also met the Board of the Chilean Federation of the Commerce and Production (CPC); the Board of the Center for Regional Studies of Valparaíso and the Principals of the eigth universities of that region; the Governor of the Region of Valparaíso; The Director of El Mercurio Newspaper; The Academic Board of the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences. Mr. Glenn was nominated as Honorary Professor by the University Miguel de Cervantes.



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