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Prospective-Foresight Network is the French Node of the Millennium Project of the World Federation of UN Associations and assumes leadership responsibility for relations with France. The Network organizes a planning committee of individuals who reflect the range of futurists working with NGOs, governments, universities, corporations and international organizations. The PFN is responsible for the work of the French Node and communicates with the Millennium Project's coordinating office.

Prospective-Foresight Network is an association, law of 1901 formed specifically to develop the philosophy and use of foresight as a decisionmaking tool to prepare the future.

Dedicated to the professionals in the field of foresight and to all those active or interested in this intellectual indiscipline, Prospective-Foresight Network (PFN) invites you to visit its interactive site designed to promote communication and the exchange of information.

The Prospective-Foresight Network mission is simple: by sharing our knowledge,  methods and experiments, we all become enriched. Let us work out possible futures together and prepare tomorrow by starting today. After all, just like the future, this community belongs to you!


Promote the Foresight -The vocation of Association Prospective-Foresight Network is to promote the philosophy and use of Foresight as a decisionmaking aid within institutions, companies, schools, universities, associations and any other collective audience in French and abroad, sensitised to preparing the future.

Diffuse information - To improve communication, Prospective-Foresight Network diffuses Foresight philosophy, methods and applications. It also covers the actors, in the field by including the results of their studies and their actions. The PFN also treats current events of the sector and promotes a sense of community among  professionals of Prospective in France and abroad.

Exchange the experiments - The first interactive foresight Internet site dedicated to the Prospective-Foresight Network facilitates exchange around the globe.

Share competences - Prospective-Foresight Network is also a community of skills. A directory of the members of Prospective-Foresight Network makes it possible to know every one better and communicate more easily.

Conduct research with the Millennium Project of the World Federation of UN Associations- Prospective-Foresight Network is the French Node of the Millennium Project of the World Federation of UN Associations and assume lead responsibility for relations with France. Prospective-Foresight Network organize a planning committee of individuals that reflects a range of futurists with NGOs, government, universities, corporations and international organization. Prospective-Foresight Network is responsible for the work of the Node and communications with the Project's coordinating office. The association selects participants to respond to questionnaires, translates as necessary and distributes the questionnaire to them and selects also who should be interviewed, conducts the interviews and translates the responses to English for inclusion in the annual State of the Future reports.

Founders of Prospective-Foresight Network

Saphia Richou - President of Prospective Foresight Network, Millennium Project French Node - Author - Research Associate at the Laboratory of Research in Management from the University of Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France : – Secretary of the European Regional College - Senior Consultant in Strategic Prospective :

Michel Godet -  Honorary Vice-president - Professor at the National Conservatory of Arts and Industries - Holder of the Chair of Strategic prospective and author of many books and papers which have been translated into English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In 2001, “Creating Futures” is prefaced by Joseph F. Coates.

Olivier Mével - Vice-president - Designer

The Prospective-Foresight Network's desk
(Le bureau de l’Association Prospective-Foresight Network)

Saphia Richou - President - Author - Research Associate at the Laboratory of Research in Management from the University of Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France : - Senior Consultant in Strategic Foresight  for Magellis Consultants :

Nathalie Bassaler - Vice President - Head of Foresight and International at the Centre for Strategic Analysis :

Benoit Dusehu - Treasurer- President of Magellis Consultants : and Co chair of the Millennium Project French Node

Yann Forgerit  - Secretary - Project Manager - Boozter Technology :

Honorary members of the Association Prospective-Foresight Network

Rémi Barré - Professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, France
Evelyn Bertin - Consultant and Psychoanalyst - EB Transition Company, France Philip Destatte - Director of the Institute Destree - Millennium Project Brussels Area Node
Yan de Kerorguen - Chief  Editor of the website
Place Publique, France
Guy Loinger - Delegate of the Geistel Association and manager of Territories of the future, France
Olivier Mevel - Designer, France
Berine Pharaon - Research Associate at the LIPSOR, France

Helene von Reibnitz - Futurist - President of Scenarios Visions, France Veronique Singer - Director of Partner Development - Executive Education INSEAD, France

The Co-chair of the MP French Node

Magellis Consultants
Benoit Dussehu and Laurent Barnier, the co-founder of Magellis Consultants, France

Our partners The partners of Prospective-Foresight Network are the institutions, the companies or all the people who wish to contribute to the diffusion and the valorization of the philosophy of the Foresight, of its methods and its applications in France and abroad.

Permanent contact:
Saphia Richou
Tel : +33 (1) 49 49 00 30
Cellular: +33 (6) 80 95 20 76
e-mail: or


Le bureau de l’Association Prospective-Foresight Network

Saphia Richou - Présidente de l’association Prospective Foresight Network (, représentante française du Millennium Project - Chercheur associé au laboratoire de recherche en Management, le LAREQUOI de l’Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines( - Consultante en prospective stratégique - Secrétaire du Collège Européen de Prospective Territoriale. · Nathalie Bassaler - Vice-présidente - Chef du service Veille, Prospective, International du Centre d’Analyse Stratégique (

Benoît Dusehu - Trésorier - Président de Magellis Consultants (

Yann Forgerit - Secrétaire Général - Directeur de projet de Boozter Technologies (

Les membres d’honneur de l’Association Prospective-Foresight Network  

Rémi Barré - Professeur associé au Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
Evelyne Bertin - Consultante et Psychanalyste - EB Transition Conseil
Ane Bustinduy - Directrice de l’Institut Prospektiker
Philippe Destatte - Directeur de l’Institut Jules-Destrée - Millennium Project Brussels Area Node
Yan de Kerorguen - Rédacteur en Chef de Place Publique
Guy Loinger - Secrétaire Général de l’OIPR
Olivier Mével - Concepteur-Designer-
Bérine Pharaon - Chercheur associé au Lipsor
Hélène Von Reibnitz- Prospectiviste - Scénarios Visions
Véronique Singer - Director of Partner Development - INSEAD Executive Education


Depuis 2010, c’est avec Saphia Richou, présidente de l’association Prospective Foresight Network, que les fondateurs de la société Magellis Consultants, Benoît Dusehu et Laurent Barnier, co représentent le Millennium Project en France.

Node Activities

2008 Activities
See a presentation of the French Node's 2008-2009 activities, prepared by Saphia Richou, Node Chair, for the MPPC meeting, July 2008

2007 Activities
- French translation of the Executive Summary of the 2007 State of the Future
- June 6, 2007 -- SOIREE SIEMENS - L’évolution de la vie dans les mégapoles du XXIe siècle, featuring Jerome Glenn, directeur of the Millennium Project
- a series of articles in the French La Tribune on futures reserach and forecasts

2006 Activities

2005 Activities

2004 Activities
Propective-Foresight Network Statistics Report and the specific Millennium Project Propective-Foresight Network Statistics Report: Prospective.PDF
Meeting of France Node with Jerome Glenn, Director of the Millennium Project, May 6, 2004: Part 1, Part 2

2003 Activities

2002 Activities

European Millennium Project Initiative (EuMPI)