Italy Node

Professor Emeritus Eleonora Masini has been involved with the Millennium Project since its pre-feasibility study in 1992 and was an orginal member of Project's Planning Committee when it began operations in 1996.

Members and structure of the Italian Node:


Prof. Mauro Gatti 
Full Professor in Business Management  
Department of Management
Faculty of Economics
Sapienza University of Rome

Simone Di Zio
Department of Legal and Social Sciences University "G. d'Annunzio", Chieti-Pescara
Viale Pindaro, 42-65127
Pescara, Italy
Email: s.dizio at



Arije Antinori, PhD
Senior Expert for Organized Crime and Terrorism (EC)
Geopolitics and OSINT Analyst
Sapienza University of Rome

Mara Diberardo
Communication Expert

Prof. Riccardo Cinquegrani
professor, Gregoriana University, Rome

Prof. Simone Arnaldi
Director, Jacques Maritain Institute

Prof. Leonardo Cannavò
Full Professor in Methodology of Applied Social Research
Department of Sociology and Communication
Faculty of Sociology
"Sapienza" University of Rome

Prof. Maurizio Franzini
Full Professor in Political Economy
Department of Public Economy
Faculty of Economics
Sapienza University of Rome

Honorary Member:
Prof. Eleonora Barbieri Masini
Former chair of the Millennium Project Node in Italy for 12 years
Professor Emeritus in Future Studies from a Social Perspective
Faculty of Social Sciences
Gregorian University, Rome


2015 Activities

See the presentation made by Simone Di Zio, Node Co-Chair, at the Millenniium Project Planning Committee meeting in San Francisco, July 2015.

2014 Activities

International Conference on Terrorism and Crime, organized by the University “G. d’Annunzio” Pescara, June 19-21, 2014, in Pescara, dedicated to the memory of Prof. Enrico Todisco

Lone Wolf (LW) Terrorism among the NATO Countries Real-Time delphi:
Study link:
code: lwtmap

2010 Activities

See Node activities update prepared by Enrico Todisco, President, Millennium Project Italian Node, July 2010.

2009 Activities
See Node activities update prepared by Mara Di Berardo, Node Secretary, for the Millennium Project Planning Committee, July 2009.

  • Millennium Project Italian Node Association (M.P.I.N.) constitution by notory deed (27.04.09): the members are Todisco (President), Capani (vice-president), Pacinelli (executive director), Cinquegrani (vice-director), Arnaldi (vice-director), Cannavò (vice-director), Di Berardo (secretary); Masini (honorary member);
  • M.P.I.N. web site activation ( first Italian contents and news;
  • Seminars made from October to December 2008 (La Sapienza University) on globalization, migration, global challenges, global diseases, concepts about future and so on;
  • SOF 2008 translation (forthcoming) by the Jacques Maritain International Institute (printing before the end of the year);
  • “The World and Europe in 2025” European Call for proposal participation, together with the UK node (under evaluation);
  • “Elements for a pharmaceutical scenario” workshop (21.03.09) in Chieti (Italy) with Jerry Glenn and experts coming for the pharmaceutics (objective: starting a research project to build a scenario about the future of pharmaceutics in Italy, which orientates the related policies on the basis of experts and citizens participatory methodologies);
  • “A glance to the future: problems, aspects, connections, different approaches” workshop (23.03.09) in Rome (Italy) with Glenn, Rhisiar, Masini, Di Pasquale, Muliro, Guaitoli, Cecchi, Garau and others;
  • First PR activities with some senators, diplomatic institutes, associations, embassies and other public and research bodies.
  • Web site: English translation, other pages definitions, Internal and External Mailing lists activations;
  • Other European, National and Regional call for proposals participation, by defining projects to be pursued in collaboration with other networks;
  • On-line courses by using the L. Da Vinci on-line University platform (also International courses could be defined);
  • SOF 2008 printing for PR activities and SOF 2009 translation for a next wider diffusion;
  • FRM 3.0 promoting;
  • Other off-line seminars and lessons about future/s and the 15 Global Challenges topics into the node members universities;
  • Other events (conferences and workshops) and stands on conferences (an Italian Festival about Science application is under evaluation);
  • Connections to other external initiatives made by other networks;
  • Global Millennium Prize promotion.

    Other hypothesis are under evaluations and MP partnerships for projects are welcome.

2008 Activities
See Node activities update presented Mara Di Berardo, Node Secretary, at the Millennium Project Planning Committee, July 2008.