American Council for the UNU - Millennium Project

Planning Committee Meeting
February 14-15, 2001, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

This meetings are restricted just for the Planning Commitee of the Millennium Project.

Overheads presentation
Report from the Nodes

    1. Peter Bishop, University of Houston, Houston, Texas
    2. Julie Blair, General Motors, Detroit, MI
    3. Frank Catanzaro,  Arcturus, Maui, HI (Chair Experimental Node)
    4. Henry Cole, Futures Group International, Washington, DC
    5. Elizabeth Florescu, Administrative Assistant, Millennium Project,
    6. Nadezhda Gaponenko, Center for Science & Industrial Policy (Moscow Node)
    7. Jerome C. Glenn  Director, Millennium Project,
    8. Theodore J. Gordon, Senior Fellow, Millennium Project,
    9. Eduardo Balbi, Center for Globalization and Prospective, Argentina (S. Amer. Node)
    10. Hazel Henderson (teleconf.), Alan F. Kay & Hazel Henderson Foundation for Social. Innovation, FL
    11. Robert Jarrette,   Army Environmental Policy Institute, Atlanta, Georgia
    12. William Jewett, American Council for the UNU, Washington, DC
    13. Ivan Klinec,   Futurological Society of Slovakia, Slovak Republic (C. Europe Node)
    14. Kamal Z. Mahmoud,  Futures Research and Studies Ctr., Cairo University, Egypt (Cairo Node)
    15. Cristina Puentes-Markides, PAHO, Washington, DC
    16. Pavel Novacek,  Palacky University, Czech Republic (C. European Node)
    17. Charles Perrottet,  Deloitte & Touche/Futures Group, Glastonbury, CT
    18. Stan Rosen,   Hughes Space and Communications, El Segundo, CA
    19. Preben Soersen, Deloitte & Touche, Copenhagen, Denmark
    20. Michael Stoneking,  Partner, Deloitte & Touch, Cleveland, OH
    21. Yoko Uno, Intern, Millennium Project, Washington, DC
    22. Bob Vallario, US Department of Energy, Washington, DC
    23. Rusong Wang,  Chinese Academy of Natural Sciences, Beijing, P.R. China (Beijing Node)
    24. Mathew Wilkings, Intern, Millennium Project, Washington, DC

The meeting reviewed the previous year's work and set the agenda for the year 2001.

Overheads presentation
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Report From the Nodes (available under each Node's activities pages)

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