American Council for the UNU - Millennium Project

Planning Committee Meeting
March 14-15, 2002

These meetings are restricted just for the Planning Commitee members of the Millennium Project.

The Meeting was held at Deloitte & Touche, 555 12th Street, NW, Suite 500, Washington, D.C.

Overheads presentation
Report from the Nodes

1. Eduardo Balbi, Center for Globalization and Prospective, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2. Julie Blair, Corporate Strategy and Knowledge Development, General Motors, Detroit, MI
3. Jose Brito, Ambassador, Embassy of Cape Verde, Washington, DC
4. Betsy Burroughs, Burroughs & Hamilton, San Francisco (Marketing potential Silicon Valley Node)
5. Frank Catanzaro, Millennium Project cyber-node, Maui, HI
6. Henry Cole, President, The Futures Group International, Washington, DC
7. Jose Cordeiro, President of Sociedad Mundial del Futuro Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela
8. Elizabeth Florescu, Research Assistant, Millennium Project
9. Jerome Glenn, Executive Director, and Director, Millennium Project
10. Theodore Gordon, Senior Fellow, Millennium Project
11. John Gottsman, The Clarity Group, CA, representing the potential Silicon Valley Node
12. David Harries, Vice-President, Alliance for Capitalizing on Change, Canada, representing the potential Canadian Node
13. Hazel Henderson, Foundation for Social Innovation, Anastasia Island, FL
14. Robert Jarrett, Army Environmental Policy Institute, Atlanta, Georgia
15. William Jewett, Executive Director (ret.), , McLean, VA
16. Ivan Klinec, Institute of Forecasting, Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia
17. Osmo Kuusi, Finish National Fund for R&D, Helsinki, Finland
18. Koichi Morimoto, Japanese Embassy in Washington DC, representing the Tokyo Node
19. Jeannette Nielsen, First Secretary, Royal Danish Embassy
20. Pavel Novacek, Ecological Studies, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic
21. Charles Perrottet, Deloitte Consulting, Boston, MA, U.S.
22. Cristina Puentes-Markides, Analysis & Strategic Studies, Pan American Health Organization, Washington, D.C.
23. Michael Stoneking, Partner, Deloitte & Touch, Cleveland, OH
24. Paula Tiihonen, Committee for the Future, Parliament of Finland
25. Bob Vallario, Office of Science, US Department of Energy, Washington, D.C.
26. Rusong Wang, Urban Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Node
27. Paul Werbos, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

Millennium Project Interns:
    Nadia Afrin, Bangladesh
    Hyung Ik Ahn, South Korea
    Anthony Baber, Houston, TX
    Matthew Corso, Chicago, IL
    Tom Murphy, Des Moines, Iowa
    Mikiko Tsuji, Japan

Thursday 14 March 2002

  9:00   Coffee, friendly conversation, review materials

  9:30   Introductions and review agenda

10:00 Recent accomplishments

10:30 Current research

12:00 Break

12:10 Current research (continued)

  1:00 Lunch

  1:30 Node Reports

  3:30   Break

  3:45   Node Reports continue

  4:45 Review the day and agenda for next day

  5:00   Adjourn

   7:00  Dinner

Second Day  - Friday March 15

  9:00   Coffee, friendly conversation, review materials

  9:30   Node reports continue as necessary

10:00 Coming UNU quality assessment of the Millennium Project, future relations with and UNU

11:00   Break

11:15   Project issues

  1:00   Lunch

  1:30 Discussion of Objectives for 2002-2003 Program

  3:00 Break

  3:15 Continue discussion of Objectives for 2002-2003 Program
             Public Relations, Marketing, and Fund Raising Plans

  4:30  Review, action items, and conclusions

  4:45 Adjourn

Overheads presentation
Jerry Glenn and Ted Gordon presented the latest accomplishments of the Millennium Project and the results of the recent studies.
The following Power Point  presentations of the briefings can be Downloaded:

Report From the Nodes

Central Europe
Latin America
Mauai (USA)
Silicon Valley (USA)
Tehran, Iran
United Kingdom

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