American Council for the UNU - Millennium Project

Planning Committee Meeting
July 22-23, 2000, Westin Galleria, Houston, Texas

Overheads presentation
Report from the Nodes

    1. Peter Bishop, University of Houston, Houston, Texas
    2. Frank Catanzaro,  Arcturus, Maui, HI (Chair Experimental Node)
    3. Elizabeth Florescu, Administrative Assistant, Millennium Project,
    4. Nadezhda Gaponenko, Center for Science & Industrial Policy (Moscow Node)
    5. Jerome C. Glenn  Director, Millennium Project,
    6. Theodore J. Gordon, Senior Fellow, Millennium Project,
    7. Miguel Gutierrez, Center for Globalization and Prospective, Argentina (S. Amer. Node)
    8. Hazel Henderson (teleconf.), Alan F. Kay & Hazel Henderson Foundation for Social. Innovation, FL
    9. Robert Jarrette,   Army Environmental Policy Institute, Atlanta, Georgia
    10. Zhouying Jin,   Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing Node)
    11. Ivan Klinec,   Futurological Society of Slovakia, Slovak Republic (C. Europe Node)
    12. Bruce Lloyd,  South Bank University, London, UK (UK Node)
    13. Anandhavalli Mahadevan, Madurai University, India (India Node)
    14. Kamal Z. Mahmoud,  Futures Research and Studies Ctr., Cairo University, Egypt (Cairo Node)
    15. Mika Mannermaa,  Futures Studies Mannermaa Ltd., Piispanristi, Finland
    16. Tom Murphy,   Fall Intern with Millennium Project, Des Moines, Iowa
    17. Pavel Novacek,  Palacky University, Czech Republic (C. European Node)
    18. Charles Perrottet,  Deloitte & Touch/Futures Group, Glastonbury, CT
    19. Stan Rosen,   Hughes Space and Communications, El Segundo, CA
    20. Leyla Roshanian,  Intern, Millennium Project, Washington, DC
    21. Peter Rzeszotarski,  Army Environmental Policy Institute, Atlanta, GA
    22. Michael Stoneking,  Partner, Deloitte & Touch, Cleveland, OH
    23. Rusong Wang,  Chinese Academy of Natural Sciences, Beijing, P.R. China (Beijing Node)

The meeting reviewed the previous year's work and set the agenda for the next year.

Saturday 22 July 2000
Bellaire Room, Westin Hotel, Houston, Texas

9:00   Coffee, friendly conversation, review materials

9:30   Introductions and review agenda

10:00   Recent accomplishments

  •  State of the State Future at the Millennium (Print-CD)
  • What is new and different
  • State of the Future: The Video
  •  Translations
  • Chinese edition of the 1999 SOF
    Farsi edition of the 1998 SOF
    Spanish edition of Futures Research Methodology
  •  AEPI edition of (a) futures and decisionmaking and (b) UN and Environmental Security
  •  UN SG’s Millennium Report
  •  Technological Forecasting & Social Change (99SOF)
  •  Futures (very long-range scenarios)
  •  Futures Research Quarterly (Futures Research and Decisionmaking)
  •  Foresight (Normative Scenario)
  •  Summary of book and CD-ROM sales
  •  Sponsorship


    10:30   Show “State of the Future: The Video”
     and discuss uses & translations

    11:00   Findings from past four years

    11:30 Break

    11:45 Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Study and discuss next steps

    12:15  Brief Overview of current work (to be discussed in more detail Sunday):

     Future Issues of Science and Technology
     Environmental Security Scanning
     Update Futures Research Methods CD?ROM V 2.0
     Fill indicators with historic and projected data for possible "State of the Future Index"
     Node Millennium Symposiums (Latin America and Italy)
     Explore via Hazel Henderson video series
     State of the World Forum in conjunction with UN Millennium Summit in September
     Summary of book and CD-ROM sales
     Report on Project finances and outlook

      1:00   Lunch

      1:30 Node Reports
                Previous year's work of the Node
                 Highlights from the Interviews
                 Next year's objectives for the Node
                 Suggestions for the Project as?a?whole

      3:30   Break

      3:45   Node Reports continue

      4:45  Review the day and agenda for next day

     5:00    Adjourn

     6:00    Refreshments and dinner at San Felipe Room Westin Hotel

    Sunday 23 July 2000
    Chevy Chase Room, Westin Hotel

    9:00   Coffee, friendly conversation, review materials

    9:30   Millennium Project Information System Improvements

    11:00   Break

    11:15   Project issues

      Node coordination and InfoSystem
      Methodological Issues
       (batching vs short questions, on-line questionnaires, translation)
      Use and promotion of State of the Future (new format)
                 Dissemination, promotion, book reviews, etc.)
      State of the Future translations (Chinese, Spanish, etc.)
      How could each method from MP methods CD-ROM apply to the Project ?
      How can we apply the 26 items for futures and decisionmaking to the Project?
      Report on Project finances and outlook
      Node fund rasing
      Public Relations
    1:00   Lunch

    1:30 Discussion of Objectives for 2000?2001 Program

      In addition to the”current work” listed Saturday at 12:30:
      Global Lookout panels per Challenge to peer review text, date, concepts
      Scenarios: exploratory and normative
      Lessons of History
      Nodes’ plans for next year
      State of the Future Version 2.0 with chapters on:
       · updates on challenges as done by specialist panels
       · indicators of progress on challenges ? with history and forecasts?
       · feasibility of a state of the future index
       · science and technology project status
       · environmental scanning results
       · whatever comes out of the September meetings and node seminars
       · futures matrix

      3:00 Break

      3:15 Funding

      4:15 Discussion of WFS (Panels and Potential Sponsors Meeting)

      4:30  Review, action items, and conclusions

      4:45 Adjourn

    Overheads presentation
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    Report From the Nodes (to be posted shortly)

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