American Council for the UNU - Millennium Project

Planning Committee Meeting
July 19-20, 2002

These meetings are restricted just for the Planning Commitee members of the Millennium Project.
The Meeting was held at Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

Overheads presentation
Report from the Nodes

 1. Hanna-Kaisa Aalto, Finland Futures Academy, Turku, Finland
 2. Elizabeth Albrycht*, Partner, Albrycht McClure & Partners, provides public relations sevices
 3. Peter Bishop, Program for the Study of the Future, University of Houston, Clearlake, TX
 4. Betsy Burroughs*, Burroughs & Hamilton, San Francisco (Marketing, Silicon Valley Node)
 5. Susan Clayton*, Future Creation, London, UK
 6. Harlan Cleveland*, and World Academy of Art and Science, Sterling, VA
 7. Jose Cordeiro, Sociedad Mundial del Futuro Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela
 8. Elizabeth Florescu, Millennium Project, Washington, D.C.
 9. Nadezhda Gaponenko, Russian Institute for Economy, Policy and Law, Moscow, Russia
10. Jerome Glenn, Millennium Project, Washington, D.C.
11. Theodore Gordon, Millennium Project, Vero Beach, FL
12. John Gottsman, The Clarity Group, CA, representing the potential Silicon Valley Node
13. Fabienne Goux Baudiment, proGective, Paris, France
14. Miguel Angel Gutierrez, Center for Globalization and Prospective, Buenos Aires, Argentina
15. Hazel Henderson, Foundation for Social Innovation, Anastasia Island, FL
16. Arnoldo José de Hoyos Guevara, Sao Paulo Catholic University, Sao Paulo, Brazil
17. Susan Jette*, GigaWeb, San Francisco, CA
18. Zhouying Jin, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China
19. Robert Jarrett, Army Environmental Policy Institute, Atlanta, GA
20. Kamal Mahmoud Sheer, Futures Research and Study Center, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
21. Michael Marian*, Future Survey, LaFayette, NY
22. Shinji Matsumoto, Japan Society for Futures Studies, Tokyo, Japan
23. Pavel Novacek, Ecological Studies, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic
24. Charles Perrottet, Deloitte Consulting, Boston, MA, U.S.
25. Mike Rogers*, European Union, Brussels, Belgium
* attended by invitation, but not Millennium Project Planning Committee members

Friday 19 July 2002

  9:00   Coffee, friendly conversation, review materials

  9:15   Introductions and review agenda

  9:45 Recent accomplishments

10:15 Current/recent research

2050 Goals
            Futures Research Methods V.2
            Global S&T Scenarios
            Futures Research Methods Training Program
            Up-dating and improving global challenges
            Self-evaluation of the Millennium Project

11:00 Break

11:15 Continue current/recent research

  1:00 Lunch

  1:30 Node Reports
            Views of the Millennium Project in 5-10 years
             Previous six month’s work of the Node
             Next year's objectives for the Node
              Suggestions for the Project

  3:30   Break

  3:45   Node Reports continue

  4:45 Review the day and agenda for next day

  5:00   Adjourn

   7:00    Dinner

Second Day  - Saturday July 20

  9:00   Coffee, friendly conversation, review materials

  9:30   Node reports continue as necessary

10:00 Coming UNU quality assessment of the Millennium Project, future relations with and UNU

11:00   Break

11:15   Project issues
                Millennium Project in five to ten years
                Node coordination and InfoSystem
                Methodological Issues
                Use, distribution, promotion, book reviews, translations of State of the Future
                Node fund rasing and Public Relations

12:15  Public Relations Plan, Betsy Burroughs

  1:00   Lunch

  1:30 Discussion of Objectives for 2002-2003 Program
                Futures Research Methods Version 2.0
                Global S&T Scenarios (DOE Year 3)
                Futures Research Methods Training
                MP briefing materials and advanced training material
                Further develop SOFI, organized crime ratio, and dashboard
                UNU Assessment of The Millennium Project
                Next steps for Partnership for Sustainable Development
                Nodes’ plans for next year
                2003 State of the Future

  3:00 Break

  3:15 Continue discussion of Objectives for 2002-2003 Program
                Public Relations, Marketing, and Fund Raising Plans

  4:30  Review, action items, and conclusions

  4:45 Adjourn

Millennium Project sessions during the WFS conference

Sunday, July 21, 2002
   2:00 - 3:30 Futures Research Around the World - MP Nodes, Congress Room B
   4:00 - 5:30 second session of this panel of MP Nodes, Congress Room B
   5:45 - 6:30 Potential Sponsors Meeting, Congress Room B

Monday, July 22, 2002
   2:00-3:30 pm How is the State of the Future Changing - Ted Gordon & Jerry Glenn

Overheads presentation
Jerry Glenn and Ted Gordon presented the latest accomplishments of the Millennium Project and the results of the recent studies.
The following Power Point  presentations of the briefings can be Downloaded:

Report From the Nodes
The following nodes were present or represented at the meeting:
Brazil,Arnoldo José de Hoyos Guevara, node chair
Central Europe, Pavel Novacek, node chair
China, Zhouying Jin, node co-chair
Egypt, Kamal Mahmoud Sheer, node chair
Finland, Hanna-Kaisa Aalto, node co-chair
France, Fabienne Goux Baudiment, representing the Franche node and EuroProsepective, MP liaison to the EU
Japan, Shinji Matsumoto, node chair
Latin America, Miguel Angel Gutierrez, node co-chair
Mauai (USA), Frank Catanzaro, cyber-node chair
Russia, Nadezhda Gaponenko, node chair
United Kingdom, Susan Clayton, reprenting the London Node
Venezuela, Jose Cordeiro, node chair

The Nodes introduced to the audience their organizations and presented some recent work of their own research, and then focused on their role as nodes of the Millennium Project in their countries/regions. Please click on each of the nodes to see their presentation.

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