Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting & Futures Forum

June 1-5, 2013 in Baku, Azerbaijan

The Millennium Project Planning Committee meetings are restricted just for the Planning Committee members of the Millennium Project and special invitees. The June 2013 meeting will be held in Baku hosted by the Azerbaijan Node of the Millennium Project.


Preceding the MPPC Meeting: May 29 to June 1, 2013

UNESCO Intercultural Dialogue, hosted by The Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture.

This is not a Millennium Project event as such, but some members of the MP Planning Committee will be attending the conference.

June 1

UNESCO Foresight Program with Riel Miller to scope out futures communities of practice and methods. This is not connected to the other previous Intercultural Dialogue conference, but is held in cooperation with The Millennium Project for MP PC to participate. Hosted by Azerbaijan State Economic University

June 2

First day of The Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting – review previous work and some Node reports. Hosted by Azerbaijan State Economic University.

June 3

Future Forum: Next Big Things for the Future: Implications for Action Today (Post-oil Dependency) Speakers include; Dennis Bushnell, Günter Clar, Jose Cordeiro, Erick Drexler, Nadezhda Gaponenko, Jerome Glenn, Sirkka Heinonen, Hazel Henderson and Paul Werbos, and others. Hosted by Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, Centre for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Future Studies Society and the Millennium Project.
(This event may be available via webcast)

June 4

Second day of The Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting–Node reports, discussion groups, and next steps. Hosted by Azerbaijan State Economic University

June 5

Several meetings: Ministry of Communications; Center for Strategic Studies under the Office of the President; Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy; Press Interviews. Maybe television.



Report from the Nodes


  1. Rosa Alegria, Coordinator, NEF Núcleo de Estudos do Futuro, São Paulo, Brazil Node Co-Chair

  2. Mohsen Bahrami, Amir Kabir University of Technology and National Research Council of Iran, Tehran Node Chair

  3. Andrea Brignone, Founder and President of Protexarms Group, Paris, France

  4. Wes Boyer, Chief Information Officer, The Millennium Project, Washington, DC. USA

  5. Héctor Casanueva, Executive Director, CELARE Santiago, Chile, Node Chair

  6. Günter Clar, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, Stuttgart, Germany

  7. Jose Cordeiro, President, Sociedad Mundial del Futuro, Caracas, Venezuela Node Chair

  8. Philippe Destatte, The Destree Institute, Namur (Wallonia), Belgium, Brussels-Area Node Chair

  9. Tony Diggle, UK Node Member

  10. Eric Drexler, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, CA, USA

  11. Elizabeth Florescu, Director of Research, The Millennium Project, Calgary, Canada

  12. Nadezhda Gaponenko, Head of Department Ctr. of Science Development Study, RAS, Moscow, Russia, Node Chair

  13. Lydia Garrido Luzardo, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Montevideo, Uruguay Node Chair

  14. Jerome Glenn, Executive Director, The Millennium Project, Washington DC, USA

  15. Blaz Golob, Director, Center for eGovernance Development for SE Europe, Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia SEE Node Chair

  16. Jack Gottsman, San Francisco CA, USA, Silicon Valley Node Co-Chair

  17. Sirkka Heinonen, Professor, Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku, Helsinki, Finland Node Chair

  18. Brock Hinzmann, Technology Navigator Business Futures Network, San Francisco CA, USA, Silicon Valley Node Chair

  19. Reyhan Huseynova, President, Azerbaijan Future Studies Society, Baku, Azerbaijan Node Chair

  20. Ageev Alexander Ivanovich, Futurist, Moscow, Russia

  21. Zhouying Jin, Director, Center of Technology Innovation & Strategy Studies, China Node Co-Chair

  22. Piotr Jutkiewicz, Executive, 4C Future Computing firm, Warsaw, Poland, Central-European Node Co-Chair

  23. Geci Karuri-Sebina, Executive Manager, Programmes, SA Cities Network, Johannesburg, South Africa, Node Chair

  24. Osmo Kuusi, Senior Researcher, Government Institute for Econoic Research (VATT), Helsinki, Finland, Node Chair

  25. Kamal Zaki Mahmoud Shaeer, Secretary-General, Egyptian-Arab Future Research Assoc., Cairo, Egypt Node Chair

  26. Milan Maric, Director, S&T Montenegro, Podgorica, Node Co-Chair

  27. Pavel Novacek, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic, Central-European Node Co-Chair

  28. Concepción Olavarrieta, Nodo Mexicano, El Proyecto Del Milenio, Mexico City, Mexico Node Chair

  29. Youngsook Park, UN Future Forum, Seoul, Korea Node Chair

  30. Cornelius Patscha, Z_punkt GmbH The Foresight Company, Cologne/Berlin, Germany Node Member

  31. Ute Hélène von Reibnitz , SCENARIOS + VISION, Paris, France

  32. Aygun Samadzada, Coordinator and Chief Assistant, Azerbaijan Future Studies Society

  33. Ozcan Saritas, Research Fellow, University of Manchester, Manchester, Great Britain, Turkey Node Member

  34. Natalia Sinichkina, Assistant to the President, Communications Officer at VTB Bank, Paris, France

  35. Katindi Sivi Njonjo, Programme Director, Society for International Development, Nairobi, Kenya, Node Chair

  36. Mohan Tikku, Futurist & Journalist, New Delhi, India Node Chair

  37. Dr. Sanja Vlahovic, Minister of Science of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro, Node Co-Chair

  38. Paul Werbos, Program Director, National Science Foundation Washington DC, USA

  39. Ibon Zugasti, PROSPEKTIKER, S.A., Donostia- San Sebastián, Spain, Node Chair

Agenda (TBA)


Sunday June 2, 2013

9:00  Introductions and Review Agenda

9:30   Recent Accomplishments

10:00   Current and Recent Research and Activities Unhealthy Food Markets (hidden hunger) with attention to Asia and Africa Urban Coastal natural Infrastructure with attention to Asia and Africa Improvements to the Global Futures Intelligence System

10:45   Break

11:00   Current and Recent Research and Activities (continued) Futures Concepts and Methods tele-course Futures encyclopedia dictionary Regional Prospective Scenarios for Chile RTD 7 RTD's for the World Bank (Global Environmental Facility)

12:45   Lunch

1:30   Node Highlights

3:00   Break

3:15   Node Highlights

4:45   Review the day and agenda for tomorrow's Baku Futures Forum

5:00   Adjourn

7:00   Dinner


Monday June 3, 2013 - Baku Futures Forum


Tuesday June 4, 2013

9:00   Node Highlights (continued)

11:00  Break

11:15  Results from MPPC RTD on priorities for MP

12:00  Continue discussion of priorities and implementation

12:45  Lunch

1:30   Group Discussions (Node relations, GFIS, Fundraising, etc.

3:30   Group Discussion Recommendations

4:30   Fundraising

5:30   Final comments by all

6:00   Adjourn

Reports From the Nodes' Chairs

The Nodes Chairs focus on some recent work of their own research, the role of their Node in their countries/regions, and future steps. The following Nodes made presentations (or emailed their presentation prior to the meeting):


The Nodes Chairs focus on some recent work of their own research, the role of their Node in their countries/regions, and future steps. The following Nodes made presentations (or emailed their presentation prior to the meeting):

Azerbaijan, Rehyan Huseynova, Node Co-Chair
Brazil, Rosa Alegria, Node Co-Chair
Brussels-Area, Marie-Anne Delahaut, Node Member
Central Europe, Pavel Novacek, Node Co-Chair
China, Zhouying Jin, Node Chair
Chile, Hector Cassanueva, Node Chair
Egypt, Kamal Zaki Mahmoud Shaeer, Node Chair
Finland, Osmo Kuusi, Node Chair
France, Saphia Richou, Node Chair (online)
Germany, Cornelius Patscha, Node Member
India, Mohan Tikku, Node Co-Chair
Iran, Mohsen Bahrami, Node Chair
Kenya, Katindi Sivi, Node Chair
Korea, Youngsook Park, Node Chair
Mexico, Concepcion Olavarrieta, Node Chair
Montenegro, Milan Maric, Node Chair
Poland, Piotr Jutkiewicz, Sub-Node (Central Europe) Co-Chair
Russia, Nadezhda Gaponenko, Node Co-Chair
South Africa, Geci Karuri-Sebina, Node Chair
Spain, Ibon Zugasti, Node Chair
UK, Tony Diggle, Node Chair
Uruguay, Lydia Garrido Luzardo, Node Chair
Venezuela, Jose Cordeiro, Node Chair

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