Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting

July 7-8, 2014, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The Millennium Project Planning Committee meetings are restricted just for the Planning Committee members of the Millennium Project and special invitees.

The July 2014 meeting was hosted by FUNGLODE, the Dominican Republic Node of The Millennium Project:

Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo, FUNGLODE
Capitán Eugenio de Marchena no. 26
La Esperilla, Santo Domingo




Report from the Nodes


  1. Rosa Alegria, Sao Paulo Catholic University, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Node Co-Chair (online)
  2. Borge de, Beatriz Bechara, Executive Director, Observatorio del Caribe Colombiano, Colombia, Node Co-Chair
  3. Boyer, Wes, Chief Information Officer, The Millennium Project, Washington, DC
  4. Christofilopoulos, Epaminondas, Head of Unit, PRAXI Network, Thessaloniki, Greece, Node Co-Chair (online)
  5. Cordeiro, Jose, President, Sociedad Mundial del Futuro Venezuela, Caracas, Node Chair
  6. Daheim, Cornelia , Managing Director, Z_punkt, Cologne, Germany, Node Chair (online)
  7. Destatte, Philippe, The Destree Institute, Namur (Wallonia), Brussels-Area Node Chair
  8. Florescu, Elizabeth, Director of Research, The Millennium Project, Calgary, Canada
  9. Glenn, Jerome, Executive Director, The Millennium Project, Washington DC, USA
  10. Glenn, Kelley, Executive Assistant, The Millennium Project, Washington DC, USA
  11. Gordon, Ted, Senior Fellow, The Millennium Project, Old Lyme, CT, USA (online)
  12. Gottsman, John J., CEO, Clarity Group, Palo Alto CA, Silicon Valley Node Co-Chair (online)
  13. Gutierrez, Miguel Angel, Director, LA Center for Globalization and Prospective, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Node Chair
  14. Heinonen, Sirkka , Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku, Finland Node Chair
  15. Hernadez, Monika, , Fundación Global Democracia & Desarrollo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  16. Hoyos de, Arnoldo Jose Guevara, Sao Paulo Catholic University, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Node Co-Chair
  17. Huseynova, Reyhan, President, Azerbaijan Future Studies Society, Baku Azerbaijan Node Chair (online)
  18. Marić, Milan, President, S&T Crna Gora, Podgorica, Montenegro Node Chair
  19. Mojica, Francisco José, Director, Center for Strategic Thinking and Planning, Externado de Colombia University, Bogotá, Colombia
  20. Novacek, Pavel, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic, Central-European Node Co-Chair
  21. Olavarrieta, Concepción, Nodo Mexicano, El Proyecto Del Milenio, Mexico Node Chair
  22. Ortega, Fernando, Peruvian Association of Prospective and Future Studies Lima, Peru, Node Chair
  23. Perrottet, Charles, Partner, The Futures Strategy Group, Glastonbury, CT, USA
  24. Rosen, Stan, Toffler Associates, Los Angeles, CA (online)
  25. Sosa, Yarima, Fundación Global Democracia & Desarrollo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Node Chair
  26. Söderlund, Sari, Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku, Finland Node Coordinator
  27. Young, John, Senior Associate, The Millennium Project, Green Bay WI, USA (online)
  28. Zugasti, Ibon, Prospektiker, S.A., Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, Node Chair




Monday, July 7, 2014

8:30 Pick up at the hotel (El Embajador Hotel) to FUNGLODE

9:00 Introductions and Review Agenda

9:45 Recent Accomplishments

10:15 Current and Recent Activities

          2013-14 State of the Future

          Azerbaijan State Economic University Futures tele-course

          Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology ISIS

          Lone Wolf and SIMAD study         

          FUTURES – Encyclopedic Dictionary

11:00 Break and group photo

11:20 Current and Recent Activities (continued)

          Future Day Round the World 24-hour Conversation
          Caribe 2013 conference collaboration
          Improvements to GFIS including Mobile version
          Special issue of Foresight: The Millennium Project and Beyond
          PEGASUS Project and World Network of Responsible Companies
          Latin American Reg. Ctr for Anticipation Studies and Resilience

12:45 Lunch Restaurant Maniquì, Plaza de la Cultura Juan Pablo Duarte (TBD)

  2:00 Node Chairs Reports

  3:30 Break

  3:45 Continue Node Chairs Reports

  5:00 Adjourn

  6:00 Welcoming Reception – Café Philo, Juan Bosch Library, FUNGLODE

  7:00 Return to the hotel


Tuesday July 8, 2014:

  8:30   Pick up at the hotel (El Embajador Hotel) to Funglode

  9:00   Node Chairs’ Reports (continued)

11:00   Break

11:15   Results from MPPC RTD on priorities for The Millennium Project

12:00   Continue discussion of priorities and implementation

12:45   Lunch with FUNGLODE President, Leonel Fernández, former President of Dominican Republic

 2:00   Group Discussions (to be defined, Implementation of top related priorities from RTD, Long-range vision, Node relations, GFIS, Fundraising, etc.)

  3:30   Group Discussion Recommendations

  4:30   Fundraising

  5:30   Final comments by all

  6:00   MPPC Meeting Adjourn and plans for next two days


The following two days were additional activities, not part of the MPPC meeting:

Wednesday July 9

  8:30 Pick up at the hotel and departure to FUNGLODE

  9:00 Futures Research Concepts and Methods

(for a group of researchers from FUNGLODE and other institutions)

                    Introduction to futures concepts and methods

                    Dominican Republic State of the Future Index

                    Global Futures Intelligence System

                    Presidential Future Strategy Unit

                    Permanent Parliamentary Committee on the Future


  2:00 Training in how to use the Global Futures Intelligence System

  8:00 Conference (FUNGLODE auditorium night):

•     Launch of Spanish and English 2013-14 State of the Future

•     Next Big Things for the Future: Implications for Action Today

•     Global Future  of Conscious-Technology: Glenn

•     Latin American Scenarios on accelerating Technology: Jose Cordeiro

•     Lone Wolf and SIMAD Threats: Elizabeth Florescu

•     Future-orienting a country: Sirkka Heinonen

•     New business/economic models: Ibon Zugasti

Thursday July 10

9:00   Breakfast interview with Press

•     Press Interviews.

•     Television interviews

Friday July 11

Departure for World Future Society Conference in Orlando or back home


Reports From the Nodes Chairs

The Nodes Chairs focus on some recent work of their own research, the role of their Node in their countries/regions, and future steps. The posting of Nodes reports will be completed soon.

Argentina, Miguel Gitierrez, Node Chair
Azerbaijan, Rehyan Huseynova, Node Co-Chair
Brazil, Arnoldo de Hoyos, Node Co-Chair
Brussels-Area, Philippe Destatte, Node Chair
Caribbean, Beatriz Bechara de Borge, Colombia Node Co-Chair
Central Europe, Pavel Novacek, Node Co-Chair
Finland, Sirkka Heinonen, Node Chair
Germany, Cornelia Daheim, Node Chair 
Mexico, Concepcion Olavarrieta, Node Chair
Montenegro, Milan Maric, Node Chair
Spain, Ibon Zugasti, Node Chair
Venezuela, Jose Cordeiro, Node Chair