Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting

July 23-24, 2015, San FRaNCISCO, CALIFORNIA, usa

Hilton Hotel Union Square, Room: Union Sqaure 19&20

The Millennium Project Planning Committee meetings are restricted just for the Planning Committee members of the Millennium Project and special invitees.

Press release



Report from the Nodes


  1. Rosa Alegria, Sao Paulo Catholic University, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Node Co-Chair (online)
  2. Agreda, Verónica, Bolivia, Vice Chancellor, Franz Tamayo University, Node Chair
  3. Bai, Ying, Center of Technology Innovation & Strategy Studies, China Node Member
  4. Chaudhary, Puruesh, President, AGAHI, Islamabad, Pakistan, Node Chair
  5. Cordeiro, Jose, President, Sociedad Mundial del Futuro Venezuela, Caracas, Node Chair
  6. Daheim, Cornelia, President, Future Impacts, Cologne, Germany, Node Chair
  7. Destatte, Philippe, The Destree Institute, Namur (Wallonia), Brussels-Area Node Chair
  8. Di Zio, Simone, University "G. d'Annunzio", Chieti-Pescara, Italy, Node Co-Chair
  9. Fazarinc, Bojana, Member Silicon Valley Node
  10. Florescu, Elizabeth, Director of Research, The Millennium Project, Calgary, Canada
  11. Garrido Luzardo, Lydia, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Montevideo, Uruguay Node Chair (online)
  12. Glenn, Jerome, Executive Director, The Millennium Project, Washington DC, USA
  13. Glenn, Kelley, Executive Assistant, The Millennium Project, Washington DC, USA (online)
  14. Gordon, Ted, Senior Fellow, The Millennium Project, Old Lyme, CT, USA
  15. Gottsman, John J., CEO, Clarity Group, Palo Alto CA, Silicon Valley Node Co-Chair
  16. Hinzmann, Brock, Business Futures Network, Los Altos Hills CA, USA, Silicon Valley Node Chair
  17. Hoyos de, Arnoldo Jose Guevara, Sao Paulo Catholic University, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Node Co-Chair (online)
  18. Huseynova, Reyhan, President, Azerbaijan Future Studies Society, Baku Azerbaijan Node Chair
  19. Ivantcehv, Boyan, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, Node Co-Chair
  20. Jin, Zhouying, Director, Center of Technology Innovation & Strategy Studies, China Node Co-Chair
  21. Kahn, Ted, President, Design Worlds, CA, USA
  22. Kolos, Norbert, 4C Future Computing, Warsaw, Poland, CEE Node Co-Chair (online)
  23. Kukral, Keri, Founder, Raw Science, member, Arts & Media Node
  24. Lee, Yeonsook, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea Node Member
  25. Lee, Young-ku, UN Future Forum, Seoul, Korea Node Member
  26. McCallum, Kate, C3: Center for Conscious Creativity, Los Angeles, CA, Arts-Media Node Co-Chair
  27. Mojica, Francisco José, Director, Center for Strategic Thinking and Planning, Externado de Colombia University, Bogotá, Colombia
  28. Park, Youngsook, UN Future Forum, Seoul, Korea Node Chair
  29. Novacek, Pavel, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic, Central-European Node Co-Chair
  30. Olavarrieta, Concepción, Nodo Mexicano, El Proyecto Del Milenio, Mexico Node Chair
  31. Ortega, Fernando, Peruvian Association of Prospective and Future Studies Lima, Peru, Node Chair
  32. Perrottet, Charles, Partner, The Futures Strategy Group, Glastonbury, CT, USA
  33. Pierremont, Mylena, MPAI, future Netherlands Node
  34. Sharan, Yair, Director, TAM-C/FIRST group, Jerusalem, Israel, Node Co-Chair
  35. Talwar, Rohit, Fast Future, UK, Node Member
  36. Todorova, Mariana, Member of the Bulgarian Parliament, Sofia, Bulgaria, Node Chair
  37. Weiss, Robert, Vice Chairman and President of XPRIZE, CA, USA
  38. Wilson, Jean Gaddy, Position the Future, Alexandria, VA, USA
  39. Wood, David, Chair, London Futurists, London, UK
  40. Yim, Peter, CEO, CIM Engineering, Inc., San Mateo, CA, USA
  41. Zugasti, Ibon, Prospektiker, S.A., Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, Node Chair



Thursday, July 23, 2015

9:00 Introductions and Review Agenda

9:45 Recent Accomplishments

10:15 Current and Recent Activities

        2015 State of the Future
        Future Work/Technology 2050 RTD study
        2015 State of the Future Index
        Azerbaijan State Economic University Futures tele-course
        Egypt Acad. of Scientific Research and Technology E-ISIS

11:00 Break

11:20 Current and Recent Activities (continued)

        Water-Energy-Food Nexus RTD results
        Lone Wolf Prospects study and book
        V4 SOFI project       
        RIBER meeting and updates
        European Foresight updates
        Other activities

12:30 Lunch -- Daily Grill (347 Geary Street)

  2:00 Node Chairs Reports

  3:30 Break

  3:45 Continue Node Chairs Reports

  5:00 Adjourn

  7:00 Dinner -- Historic John's Grill (63 Ellis Street)


Friday July 24, 2015

  8:00   Node Chairs’ Reports (continued)

 10:00   XPRIZE and MP potential relations

10:30   Break

10:45   MPPC RTD results, priorities, Long-range vision

11:30   Small Discussion Groups and MP Board meeting

12:45   Lunch and Group Discussions -- ANZU (across Hilton)

  1:30   Report on Group Discussions and Board meeting

  2:30   Break 

  2:45   Fundraising and other administrative matters

  3:30   Final comments by all

  4:00   MPPC Meeting Adjourn 

  4:00   WFS opening

REPORTS FROM THE NODES CHAIRS (posting to be completed as presentations received from attendees)

The Nodes Chairs focus on some recent work of their own research, the role of their Node in their countries/regions, and future steps.

Argentina, Miguel Gutierrez, Node Chair
Arts and Media, Kate McCallum, Node Co-Chair
Azerbaijan, Rehyan Huseynova, Node Co-Chair
Bolivia, Verónica Agreda, Node Chair
Brazil, Rosa Alegria, Node Co-Chair (online)
Brussels-Area, Philippe Destatte, Node Chair
Bulgaria, Mariana Todorova, Node Chair
Central Europe, Pavel Novacek, Node Co-Chair
Canada, Karl Schroeder, Node Co-Chair
Chile, Luis Lira Cossio, Node Chair
China, Zhouying Jin, Node Chair
Colombia, Francisco José Mojica, Node Chair
Dominican Republic, Yarima Sosa, Node Chair
Egypt, Kamal Zaki Mahmoud Shaeer, Node Chair
Finland, Sirkka Heinonen, Node Chair (video)
France, Saphia Richou, Node Chair (online)
Germany, Cornelia Daheim, Node Chair
Greece, Stavros Mantzanakis, Node Chair
India, Mohan Tikku, Node Co-Chair
Iran, Mohsen Bahrami, Node Chair
Israel, Yair Sharan, Node Co-Chair
Italy, Simone Di Zio, Node Co-Chair
Korea, Youngsook Park, Node Chair
Mexico, Concepcion Olavarrieta, Node Chair
Montenegro, Milan Maric, Node Chair (online)
Pakistan, Puruesh Chaudhary, Node Chair
Peru, Fernando Ortega, Node Chair
Poland, Norbert Kolos, Central Europe Co-Chair (online)
Romania: Adrian Pop, Node Chair (sent updates)
Russian Federation, Nadezhda Gaponenko, Node Chair
Silicon Valley, Brock Hinzmann, Node Chair
South Africa, Geci Karuri-Sebina, Node Chair
Spain, Ibon Zugasti, Node Chair
UK, Rohit Talwar, Node Chair
Uruguay, Lydia Garrido Luzardo, Node Chair
Venezuela, Jose Cordeiro, Node Chair