New Zealand Node

General Overview

The New Zealand Node functions under the auspices of the Sustainable Future Institute (SFI), Wellington, New Zealand. The Sustainable Future Institute is a non-partisan think tank working for the public good, contributing strategic foresight through evidence-based research and policy analysis. Our aim is to provide relevant and timely information that is complete and well-researched for those interested in exploring New Zealand's long-term future. Other international affiliations include: World Future Society (New Zealand chapter chair); The World Futures Studies Federation (institutional member) and Association of Professional Futurists (member).

The Members of the New Zealand Node

Node Chair:
Wendy McGuinness
Chief Executive, Sustainable Future, Wellington

Ian Yeoman
Associate Professor, Victoria University, Wellington

Node Members
Yvonne Curtis
Board Member, NZ Futures Trust, Wellington

Alison Nevill

Jess Prendergast

Rory Sarten

Activities 2012

Node Briefing Paper by Wendy McGinness, December 2012.


Activities 2011

August – October 2011: Victoria University, Wellington
Associate Professor Dr. Ian Yeoman invited the Institute to act as the client for his Master of Tourism Management (TOUR 411) students and to assess their group work on the question 'What is a sustainable future for New Zealand tourism?' This has been a terrific opportunity for the Institute and the work from the students has been very insightful. We hope to publish a paper from Ian on this topic in coming months.

6 September 2011: Launch of Nation Dates, Wellington
The Institute’s first book Nation Dates: Significant events that have shaped the nation of New Zealand was launched by Dame Claudia Orange on 6 September at Unity Books in Wellington. Nation Dates began as a record of 220 events, which as the result of a great deal of feedback, expanded to a timeline of 440 events of significance to the growth of New Zealand. The book was launched 63 years to the day after the passing of the British Nationality and New Zealand Citizenship Act 1948, under which New Zealand citizenship was introduced. Nation Dates is a living document. If you have suggestions for events that should be included in the next edition or would like to purchase a copy please visit

9-10 July 2011: World Future Society 2011 Conference Paper, Vancouver
In July the Institute presented a paper to the conference in Vancouver, outlining the StrategyNZ: Mapping our Future workshop and its outputs. Dr Peter Bishop, Wendy McGuinness, Jess Prendergast and Rory Sarten represented the Institute at this conference. The presentation from this event can be found here.

28-31 March 2011: ‘Strategy NZ: Mapping Our Future’ , Wellington
Over one hundred New Zealanders gathered for the StrategyNZ: Mapping our Future workshop. Hosted by the Sustainable Future Institute, the workshop provided an opportunity for participants to work together to design strategies for 'New Zealand in 2058'. They were encouraged in this by future thinking practitioners from a range of fields. Dr Peter Bishop and other distinguished international strategists joined a host of outstanding New Zealanders, including 2011 New Zealander of the Year Sir Paul Callaghan, in inspiring participants to think strategically about our future. The event concluded with the presentation of the strategy maps at Parliament’s Legislative Council Chamber. Links to the website and related reports, including the workbook for participants, videos of the presentations, the resulting national strategies, and a review of strategic uncertainties that ‘kept respondents awake at night’, can be found here.

Other activities are out lined in our twice-yearly newsletters.


Activities 2010

Node Presentation presented by Wendy McGuinness, at the Millennium Project Planning Committee, July 2010.

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