Panama Node

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The City of Knowledge Foundation manages the City of Knowledge Project in Panama, which constitutes a knowledge management platform that focuses on boosting the innovative and competitive capacities of the users who share the Campus. In this space, integration, dynamic networking, and joint efforts are sought to facilitate the transference of knowledge.It also houses an international community in which the business, academic, scientific and humanistic collaboration has as its horizon a more humane and sustainable development, based on knowledge. The City of Knowledge Foundation considers foresight studies important in order to develop it in priority subject areas, not only for Panama but also for the region. With the results of its exercises and studies we hope to better understand the current situation, identify future trends and analyze the impact of scientific and technological development in society. This will generate shared visions of the future, guide long-term policies and help make strategic decisions in the present, given the conditions and the local, national and global opportunities. The City of Knowledge Foundation is the home of the Panama Node of The Millennium Project since 2015.Dr. Gabino Ayarza Sánchez is the Node Chair. For more information please access:

The Node:

  • Promotes futures studies and strategies
  • Gathers Panamanian experts
  • Performs permanent research on The Millennium Project 15 Global Challenges
  • Performs permanent futures studies on thematic work areas of the City of Knowledge
  • Performs future research and writes special reports
  • Organizes seminars
  • Supports translations of the State of the Future annual reports into Spanish

Contact information:

Dr. Gabino Ayarza Sánchez

Research Manager Foundation City of Knowledge Bldg.# 104

Clayton, Ancon P.O-. Box 0843-03081 Panama City, Republic of Panama