Sponsors and Affiliated Institutions

The Millennium Project has sponsors who contribute funds and in-kind support.

Current and Previous Sponsors:

Collaborating Institutions:

  • The Smithsonian Institution, provides scholarly resources and conference/meeting space
  • World Future Society, provides a network of futurists and some scholarships for Millennium Project Planning Committee members attending the annual conferences
  • UNESCO, provides inkind support on special projects

Affiliated Institutions:
Are Institutions that contribute some kind of service to the Project, independent of those associated with Project Nodes, and beyond personnel participation in research.

Project Associates

Bill Halal and
Stuart Umpleby
George Washington University
Listserves hosting

Peter Yim
CIM Engineering, Inc.
Web hosting, listserves and wiki provider

John Young
Research assistant

Tom Murphy

Introducing Millennium Project and future studies into educational curicula
and editor of the Global Challenge on Health

Frank Catanzaro
Cyber Futures
development of Internet-based collaboration tools

Octavian Florescu
Florescu Gallery
Graphic Designer

Norbert Conrad
Art & Creative +Concept
Graphic Designer

Bill Smith
Force 13 Marketing
designer of the Millennium Project flyers for 2002 and 2003

Barry Bluestein
Information Technology Consultant