Global Lookout Studies 2015-2016


Future Work/Technology 2050

The future of work and increasing income gaps are among the most discussed topics of long-term prospects at the moment. However, systemic perspectives and global as well as local strategies to improve the long-term outlook are often lacking.

To address this challenge, The Millennium Project launched a Future Work/Technology 2050 study with eight steps:

  1. Literature and related research review
  2. Real-Time Delphi international survey
  3. Road maps and scenario drafts
  4. Real-Time Delphi feedback on the draft road maps and scenarios
  5. Final scenarios, policy implications, and production of an initial report
  6. Initial report as input to national planning workshops
  7. Collect results of the national planning workshops; analyze and synthesize results
  8. Final report for public discussion

The first two steps have conluded. A summary of the results of the Real-Time Delphi is available in the 2015-16 State of the Future.

Three RTDs have been conducted to collect input on draft Scenarios: