AC/UNU Millennium Project

1996-1997 Global Lookout Study

Results of the 3 Rounds
Who should provide the leadership for the actions suggested to address the global issues

Round 1
In round one participants were posed with several questions about emerging developments in their fields of expertise and were asked to identify current developments that are likely to result in important future issues or opportunities but are not yet generally known outside of their fields or that are seriously misunderstood. Participants were also asked to identify possible consequences of the developments they suggested and at least one goal or strategy for each development.

Round 2
The second round study has two sections. In the first section participants were presented a one-line summary of each development suggested in Round 1 and were asked to judge the likelihood and importance of each and to identify the primary agency that should lead strategy to address each development.

Round 3
Is a questionnaire composed of 15 issues synthesized from developments rated the most important and likely by participants in the previous rounds. Participants in this round were asked to judge the effectiveness and practicality of suggested actions.

Round 4: (English Version) (French version)
Round 4 is a set of interviews of leaders, decision makers, and policy makers in UN organizations, governments, corporations, NGOs, and groups. Participants were asked about the issues in the previous rounds and the actions to address them.

Lessons from History


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