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African Futures 2025

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African Futures 2025 is a six parts scenario series on long-range issues that concern the future of Africa.

The Millennium Project Feasibility Study produced the series in 1994 under the umbrella of African Futures Project by the United Nations Development Program. The objective of the project was to assist African countries to conduct long-term prospective studies at the national level. It also intended to assist in building an endogenous capacity in the continent for strategic long-term reflection, futures studies, and strategic planning and management.

The series includes:

1) Technological Capacity
2) International Economic Policy and International Trade
3) Agriculture and Food Security
4) Life Support and Sustainable Development
5) Population, Education and Human Welfare
6) Peace, Governance and Culture

This report presents the future-oriented visions and ideas on Africa while outlining the process of applying the National Long-Term Perspective Studies (NLTPS) to the national development strategy in Africa.
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Factors Required for Successful Implementation of Futures Research in Decisionmaking

by Jerome C. Glenn and Theodore J. Gordon, in 1998-1999

Examples and case studies when Futures Studies influenced decision making.
This study was made for the Army Environmental Policy Institute. The full report is included in the State of the Future reports.
Free copies of the edited version of the report can be obtained from the Army Environmental Policy Institute, e-mail: John Fittipaldi <John.Fittipaldi@hqda.army.mil>

Future Global Ethical Issues

In the period from August 2004 to July 2005, the Millennium Project conducted a study of emerging global ethical issues and principles by which such issues might be resolved in the future. The scope was global and the time horizon stretched to 2050. More specifically, the purposes of this study were to:

  • Identify important, novel ethical issues of global scale that might come on the scene within the next 50 years
  • Assess the relative importance of these issues and the likelihood of their resolution
  • Articulate the key principles that might be used in the solution of such ethical issues.

For all of these, we hoped to identify the similarities and differences in perceptions among the subgroups participating in the study, for example, people from various regions and men and women.

The questionnaires are available at http://www.millennium-project.org/study05.html

Please click here to get the final report (as MsWord file).

Millennium 3000

by Jerome C. Glenn and Theodore J. Gordon, 1999

Very long-range scenarios and foreseeable factors that might significantly affect the next 1000 years.
The Scenarios are included in the State of the Future reports and also available at http://www.millennium-project.org/scenarios/index.html.

Nanotechnology: Future Military Environmental Health Considerations

A Brief Overview of Potential Environmental Pollution and Health Hazards Resulting from Possible Military Uses of Nanotechnology with Implications for Research Priorities Helpful to Prevent and/or Reduce Such Pollution and Hazards
-- Study conducted in 2004-05 --

World Leaders on Global Challenges

by Jerome C. Glenn, Elizabeth Florescu, and Theodore J. Gordon Analysis of the statements delivered by heads of State or Governmentat at the UN Millennium Summit, September 6-8, 2000.  The full report is included in the State of the Future reports (2001 and after).

Futures Studies Reports and Papers - in Spanish

    Prepared by the Centro Latinoamericano de Globalizacon y Prospectiva, the Latin American node of the Millennium Project, this CD-ROM includes the Spanish version of the 1997 and 1998 State of the Future reports, and papers on Corruption, Globalization, Organized Crime, Political Systems, Roadmaps, Reflections on the Future, and a lot more.

ISBN: 0-9657362-7-X
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Views from the Millennium Project on the Future of Technology with Implications for Society and the United Nations System

Paper prepared by Jerome C. Glenn and Theodore J. Gordon for the conference: On the Threshold: The United Nations and Global Governance in the New Millennium, Jnuary 19-21, 2000, United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan

For the MsWord version of this paper please e-mail: millennium-project@igc.org

The World Perceived by the Heart of Europe

Published by the Society for Sustainable Living and Palacky University Olomouk, this book is is a collections of papers on the future prepared by participants of the Central European Node of the Millennium Project. To get a free copy e-mail: Pavel Novacek <nov@rupnw.upol.cz> in the Czech Republic or  acunu@igc.org, in other parts of the world.

Proposal for an International Global Warming Breakthrough Initiative

by Theodore J. Gordon

Present trends in technology and in CO2 accumulation suggest that  we will probably be in deep trouble in a few decades, if we do not take more aggressive action now to address the problem.

"Building Balanced and Adoptive Sectoral Innovation System in Nanotechnology to Accelerate Scientific & Technological Breakthroughs and Improve Human Conditions"

by Dr. Nadezhda Gaponenko, Head of Department, Centre of Science Development Study, Russian Node co-Chair

Evaluation and Organization of Futures Research Methodology -V3.0

by Mika Aaltonen, Adjunct Professor (Foresight & Complexity), and Head and Chairman of the Board of StraX (the research unit for strategic intelligence and exploration of futures) at Helsinki University of Technology